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There are quite a number of Kickstarter games listed in this article, which is perfectly alright but it doesn't make sense when some of the kickstarter haven't even begun or has already failed like, Red Goddess. Those particular games aren't upcoming Wii U indies games and might as well be considered vaporware.

1 year ago on Puzzle Platformer Wii U Indie Games


I'm pretty sure that he never got banned, since I have done similar things (Xbox ID, Promoting) which infringed the rules on Miiverse.

The admins simply gave a warning and deleted the specific posts. I don't know why Yoshida interpreted it in that way, but this is non-news.

1 year ago on Shuhei Yoshida Has Been Banned From Miiverse Twice


I love the idea of the cameo appearances in Hex Heroes. I would play the hell out of an Indie-collaborative Smash Bros game. The diversity of characters and crossplay between platforms would be an awesome experience.

1 year ago on Hex Heroes Update 8 - Another Cameo & a Contest


Cool overview. Btw, I think Ganbarion helped with the development of Wii Fit U.

Hexadrive is another company who helped on W101 and Wind Waker HD.

1 year ago on Every Nintendo Developer