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although this was by far the best Torchwood series, it was still pretty bad. It started pretty strongly, but fell off at the last couple of episodes. The conclusion was some lame RTD techno-babble nonsense, it was full of plotholes and redshirts only there to be killed off for shock value (jacks grandson), iantos death was pointless and didn't advance to plot atall, and needlessly annoyed the fandom. I wasn't particularly fond of ianto but he was BY FAR the best and most realistic character on the team; jack is pretty bland and JB's hammy acting isn't helping either; as for Gwen - MARY SUE or what? I rolled my eyes so much at her mary sue-ness, they almost got stuck at one point. Capaldi was the best thing about COE, he completely outclassed the whole torchwood cast, no sweat.

1 year ago on Torchwood Children of Earth: In Perspective


R.I.P to both of them

1 year ago on Obituaries: Kate O’Mara, Derek Martinus