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Oh, they will get a slap on the hand, and a trip to the Methadone Clinic.

7 months, 1 week ago on Couple Allegedly Had Heroin, Child In Vehicle


We are the United States of America and some States made it legal and others haven't...hmm...don't make much since to me....I really don't get how it's not legal anyways, it's a medical miracle, the pills would not be an addiction any longer, and the heroin  addicts can get off the needle exchange programs provided by our fine law makers...too many things just don't add up here, I could go on for hrs, and I guarantee many many Men and Women of all ages would agree with me. It's not a problem where we have to go stand in line and get a high so we don't flip out such as a Methadone Clinic, which is legal...and it's a synthetic heroin...hmm once more a question that I would like to see answered.

7 months, 1 week ago on Police Make Pot Arrests


It the most horrific accident that one could ever encounter in there lifetime, and to lose 2 babies at the same time is unimaginable to me. I'm so sorry for the loss of the family and my prayers go out to all of them, at there time of need. May God help all of you through this tough time. There is no need in people bashing anyone for this, it's unimaginable the pain and suffering this family is going through at this time, and I for one will be praying for the entire family here. God Bless you all.

8 months, 1 week ago on 911 Call Shows Mother Of Drowned Twins In Near Panic; Questions Arise Whether Pool Met Code


I worked at Swiftys until they closed down yesterday...they are selling all Swifty stores by the end of July.  We reopened yesterday under new management, we are now called Fuel Mart. Good American owners out of Ohio, they are family people which are committed to taking care of us at the lowest cost possible....we will be cheaper than the rest of the stations in our area...and yes there still is the .03 cent savings with cash at the pumps. They updated our store yesterday, it will be much better for our  customers.  Looking forward to seeing you all back at the pumps....:)

8 months, 3 weeks ago on UPDATE: Swifty Open Again; Reason For Brief Closure Revealed