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I luckily have a stainless steel pressure cooker and I love it.  I just mostly use it for stocks and beans, that I freeze in portion size containers  I just wanted to add that my Presto Professional, a wonderful product by the way, says you must soak the beans.  Their reasoning is while cooking dried beans the foam that naturally occurs can clog the release valve.  I am not an expert nor pretend to be one but I just wanted to make note that you should refer to your own owners manual to check.  I would also recommend a slow cooker instead of top of stove.  It uses very little electricity and just merrily cooks away while you are doing other things to save our flat bottom stainless steel freezer containers are wonderful for freezing.  They release the food with just a small bit of water over them when turned upside down, not like the glass that you need to take out in the morning to thaw before dinner.  A little pricey in the beginning, but for a quick thaw they are the best. 

1 year, 1 month ago on Pressure Cooker Beans - Almost As Convenient as Canned but Without the BPA