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I am more excited about what this says about the FUTURE of SEO. Primarily, the battleground will be co-citation. 

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Google validates that PR is SEO in patent filing


Wow, that is a nice list. Definitely a blogging resource authority. Thanks for this awesome piece of evergreen content.

12 months ago on 101 Ideas For Your Blog


Great way to leverage the trust people have developed with your brand. Too many marketers forget that people only buy from people they trust. Branding is one of the best possible outcomes of the whole Know-Like-Trust buyer psychology sequence.

1 year ago on How To Monetize Your Established Brand


Great point regarding bloggers. But as much as bloggers can influence their audience, their audience influences them too. Blogs that die are echo chambers. Successful bloggers flow with with their audience. It is a two way street.

1 year ago on There Are Only 3 Types of Influencers. Which one are you?


I agree with having the right rituals. Your rituals DICTATE your success or failure. Serious talk.

1 year ago on Conversation @