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When I first saw the trailer for this movie I thought it was a joke or an advertisement for the draft. I didn't realize it was a real movie.

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I'm going to bookmark this page. Lots of hot guys here!!

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I HATE Matt Cassel. I seriously can't stand the guy. I'm not a fan of Ponder either but I don't hate him like I do with Cassel. I would rather see anyone start for the Vikings over Cassel. Even Ponder. Schaub, Vick, Weeden, Campbell - any of them would be better than Cassel. I hope to God that he gets beaten out in training camp for the starting gig. I don't think I'll be able to stand watching him start another game. I hate how he stares down his receivers. I hate how he throws the ball like he's a baseball pitcher. I hate how everyone thinks he's good when he's not. Anyone who says that we would have gotten to the playoffs next year with him starting is kidding themselves. They apparently didn't see the games against the Panthers, Bengals or Ravens. He was awful and I don't think Norv Turner can fix his bad throwing or staring down the receivers. He has been playing for, um, a long time, and he is set in his ways. Ponder is young and I think he could get better with the new coaches but Cassel is an old man (in football years) and you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I can just imagine what will happen next year if he's the starter. We will be extremely lucky to get to 8-8. I'll be at training camp this August cheering on Ponder and the rookie, whoever he is. I love the Vikings too much to let them blow another season by naming Cassel the starter.

PS I think Cassel's mustache is creepy. He reminds me of a pedophile (or a 70's porn star). Yuk!

PSS I'm a woman and I think Ponder is hot, even though I don't think he's a very good QB. I love watching him practice at training camp. Eye candy for me. Yummy!

1 year ago on Roster Moves: Vikings Re-Sign Matt Cassel