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 @AmericanforLiberty Yes it's a repost hopefully in the proper place this time.

Ya left out county and municipalities. Otherwise, !!!!

3 years ago on Are We Out of Options?


 @AmericanforLiberty Ya left out county and municipalities.  Otherwise, !!!!

3 years ago on Are We Out of Options?


 @DrakeBailey Here in lies the rub. Quote: "Exactly what kind of government structure will the people need?". People need to be forced...? Government in any form is by its nature the very essence of force. Whether volunteered or commandeered, the concept of government is based on the projection of force. Govern = to rule. Ment = the mentality, therefore the mentality of either ruling or being ruled. This returns us to my later post concerning divide and conquer.

"Consider this as our last chance at being free".  Let's suppose that there were a massive nullification of abhorrent Fed gub laws, which at this juncture, would necessarily require the use of force. Regardless of who wins, it's STILL a power struggle. With all too many who don't want any part of any of it.

The constitution? Changing our gubmits structure? Only to have that same structure infiltrated and perverted once again so that our children and grandchildren (or maybe our grandchildren and theirs..) can deal with it? A constitution is a rule book. It's a rule book made by human and executed by human -  one that favors some, but not all. And if I wanted to be held by a certain club's by-laws, it would be the American constitution. Problem is, is that there are more than a few living, breathing, honest and productive, autonomous folks who don't want or need a rule book. The constitution is a biased form of corporate contract and while being "better" than others, it is yet a "legalized" form of coercion. Might makes right and justice?  Um yeh okay."

Qualified assistants? Whom exactly, qualifies the assistant?

FEMA camps to hold the public offenders? Naw. Not necessary. We all already know who they are and where to find them, if necessary. Unless of course they pursue biz elsewhere, in a place not here, and wherever they go, they will be known by their fruits and processed accordingly.


Another thunk and thanks for reading.


Peace and goodnight,


not always the pessimist ;)

3 years ago on Are We Out of Options?


I'm new to this site but I do frequent many others although I rarely post. The one theme that is in common amongst all of them is the in-bickering between posters. Or maybe better stated "posers". Everyone just has to be right. Whether I'm right or wrong is irrelevant to me - I'm looking into a fishbowl, so-to-speak.

One of the greatest tools used by those who would rule is the divide and conquer technique. It has worked throughout the whole history of so-called humanity. That's why we have political "parties", church "denominations" [demonizations?]. Class warfare, racial disparities, sports [modern day spartans?] at all levels and as Americans, an entire society/culture that, while it took decades to nurture, is based upon fear. Afraid that "our team" won't make the playoffs, fear of pimples (ya won't get laid), terrorized that your clothes and haircut aren't hip enough, pecker or booobs ain't big enough etc., etc. Fear of just about everything; most obsessions of which don't really matter. And the horribly sad but still fascinating fact is that few don't even realize that fear is their primary motivating factor in their lives. At least two whole generations born, bred and indoctrinated into a culture of fear so deeply ingrained that it doesn't even register to the concsious mind. Very few actually do an in-depth gut-level self analysis to recognize what their true motivations are. So few ever ask "WHY?".

If there's anything to fear it's that one will fall into the trap of division; the trap so carefully laid for all and sundry to fall into. Divide and conquer..........

Divide and conquer. All y'all arguing with each other - likely complete strangers - from the comfort  and perceived safety of sitting behind a computater screen is a prime example. What a waste of time, energy. Efforts spurned continuing the agenda of those who would destroy you and everything that you stand for.  Those who feed from the very essence of your life.

Divide and conquer folks who in all probability would at least get along with each other if not becoming fast friends, racial, religious, and ethnic barriers would not existing; the concept is sullied by silly and useless ideoms force fed to us via television, talk radio, public "education" and any myriad of entertainment and the rulers continue to rule.

Sun Tsu would most definitely approve of the tactics used against us. This is clearly spelled out by others, too.

Back to the topic of Legaleze nullification. The people who you are bartering with, in the most corrupt court and political system on the planet aren't playing by the rules; they make the rules as they go. Even the lowest statured brownshirt has cart blanch authority it seems. The recent flurry of EOs should be an "in your face" hint. Why do the brownshirts do what they do?

That is another example of divide and conquer.

Sorry y'all, I don't even pretend to have a solution, just making observations.

End of rant.

Peace and goodnight.


3 years ago on Are We Out of Options?


I beg to differ that the fed gubmit is broken in terms of functionality or financially (Federal Reserve for one=printing money from thin air, etc., ad nauseum ). Please hear me out before ostricising:  gubmits at ALL "levels" are merely puppets, marionettes of the Powers That Be (TPTB). This does in fact include most county and many municipal/local governments (Communities for Sustainable Development?). Many of the various states'  governors, past and present, of the various states are or were members of such organizations such as the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs, etc., or closely affiliated with those organizations (TPTB). Perry (TX nafta, cafta, spp, etc)) and Vilsak (IA now secretary of Ag) as examples, although there are many more. While there are a handful who have rejected the UN thangy, they are a definite minority and in no position to provide any serious resistance.

The ruling organizations are for the most part performing exactly as they were intended. Therefore, the notion of nullification while sounding lofty and moral as compared to outright armed revolt, is a fantasy.

To suggest that there is enough power in any given sense of the term to enforce a nullification - even though a few states have supposedly done so - is ludicrous. TPTB have all the money they need, in excess, and they also have control of the ever increasing manpower to crush any resistance. Sad fact, but it's the truth. Damn sure wish I could profess differently! Yeh, wishful. To validate the latter; why have Americans been allowed to stockpile weapons and ammo when virtually everything else is illegal or so heavily regulated? I submit that it's because TPTB already have the equipment and/or forces in place that makes conventional weaponry so obsolete as to be laughable. I am former military with some expertise and therefore have some idea concerning this. How else do you suppose that they are brazen, confident enough to allow the recent flurry of the most draconian EOs? Think about it for a while......


What is happening now, not just in America the formerly beautiful, but around the world, is no coincidence. Part and parcel, it was planned many years ago; as in hundreds and maybe thousands of years ago by a certain cabal of "elites" whose bloodlines continue to rule to this day. Don't laugh! They have an incredible amount of knowledge of YOU (and me), but how much do you know about THEM? They have invested heavily and are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING, an all inclusive EVERYTHING, no matter the expense, to attain their goal. I reckon that time may be a factor to them, though, given the rate at which TPTB are expanding their coercive grip on humanity. Are YOU willing to do the same? More to consider....


I strongly recommend searching and reading something called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". It is basically the detailed playbook of those whose sole purpose on this planet is to rule the world. Each and every element of this playbook is happening now, as I write this comment. (TPTB?) The "who, how and why" will become clear after reading this. Such entities as the UN's Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius, S.A.L.T., Communities for Sustainable Development  and virtually ALL presidential EOs will become much more clarified. Do not tarry as many/most of this is being censored/deleted from many different venues. It must hit pretty close to home? Don't attack me the messenger with racism/anti-semitism because I am guilty of neither.


I also highly recommend reading a book by Jim Marrs (leave his ufo stuff aside) because it's true; well and accurately researched and sourced. The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy is available in book form and there are several lectures that can be viewed on youtube. The videos are lengthy, so make some popcorn beforehand, sit down and watch. Well worth the time! Jim's presentations are fun and pleasant to listen to.


What is truly amazing is that many of the aforementioned groups/entities make no secret of their agendas. They post it on their own websites in easily discernable language, but no one seems to notice or care. I reckon that the fluoride and little blue pills must be working in concert with tv subliminals and other forms of bread and circus. As planned?


In closing I sez Be Well, Learn as much as you can and don't ever, never quit.

End of rant,

The Pessimist


3 years ago on Are We Out of Options?


 @West Texan I'd like to add that there are too many states' legislatures up to their eyeballs in the gubmit trough, too spineless to actually declare, much less enforce nullification. And within said states, the sheer numbers who also feed at the filthy trough of "free stuff" make nullification not likely to be enforced with any meaningful assertion

People have the gubmit they deserve. Simple as that, since our Republic was long ago morphed into a democracy aka mob rule.

3 years ago on Are We Out of Options?