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I'm looking forward to this coming season. Let me list what I see as pluses compared to the 2011 season.

1. Overall 2012 will give us better opponents. This should sharpen our execution.

2. Hopefully we will have fewer injuries. 2011 was awful.

3. Running game should improve.

4. By the start of the season the sports writers will have us last in the NFL east.

5. Everyone will want Gilbride tarred and feathered.

6. Everyone will be a" I told u so". Should have drafted a OG or OT in R1 or R2. That would be me( who really knows nothing). Should never draft a running back R1( that would be me and many others).

7.8.9.etc.etc etc

2 years, 11 months ago on Jerry Reese speaks with Mike Francesa | May



 I disagree with almost everything u said. Regarding Mr Reese: If I am given a choice; being smart or being lucky, I'll pick lucky every time. BTW: I happen to think that Mr Reese is very smart.

2 years, 11 months ago on NY Giants Day 3 Draft Selections | April


I was hoping that Giants would take a OL in either R1 or R2. I completely agree that Eli must be protected. I have nightmares when I watch reruns of the 49 game. I know there is hidden talent out there. I hope they find it. But, u know what they say; HOPE is not a strategy. I also know that I'm not that smart about the NFL, and Mr Reese is; so I'm leaving this in his hands.

2 years, 11 months ago on NY Giants Draft Randle in R2 and Hosley in R3 | April


 @I Bleed Blue

 Your msg hit a nerve. I remember 2007 and that Viking game. And I said the same thing; QB, Coughlin, front office all had to go. I HAD HAD IT. This game was such a let down. I had gone to the home game with the Eagles and OSI had 6 sacks, I thought that the Giants would go all the way until the Viking game. Shows u how smart I am. But I still 2nd guess Mr Reese. Why didn't we make that deal with the Texan's for a good LB??????????????

3 years ago on Thoughts on Tebow From the Giants’ Ivory Tower | March


What is the connection between the Eagles and Texans? I'm sure we would have given the Texans a 3rd round pick.

3 years ago on Goodell's wrath and R.I.P Ron Erhardt | January