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I've quit listening to the dumb ass Jim Traber. And I could give a damn about the fraud, skip bayless. They both say stupid crap to incite sports fans and I'm done with it. I'm sure I've added 8 years to my life by being done with these assholes

2 years, 7 months ago on KD responds to Skip Bayless’s comments


Where is T&Ls business sense. Right now the entire city is completely ensnared in thunder fever. This is bigger than any sporting event Oklahoma has ever seen. I appreciate their dedication to quality, but bc of their shortcomings in providing a much sought after item, they're losing business to a competitor that will provide a supply for the demand. Hire more workers to manufactor the shirts, contract a graphic designer, run the business around the clock. I love T&Ls products, the creativity and unique product they provide. But this is bad business at the most crucial time.

2 years, 10 months ago on Wednesday Bolts – 6.6.12


I love to hate Steven Jackson, the dude is a complete a-hole

2 years, 10 months ago on KD takes over as OKC evens the series, 109-103


@El Prez Aren't you commenting on the wrong message board? Newsok sports writers are patiently waiting for your in-depth analysis.

3 years ago on Fisher debuts and KD dazzles as OKC kicks the Clippers, 114-91