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excellent advice.  and well delivered, too!

2 years, 6 months ago on Speech! Speech! 6 Ways You Can Sell It Like A Politician


I think like anything new, the social media-sphere is going to take some getting used to - both for consumers and for brands.  While no one - SM professional or otherwise - would argue that companies should do anything other than engage with consumers online, the real debate is when, how much, and to what end. I think users are heady with their social media power.  Never before have we had to ability to call out a brand -- and have them answer.  So at the moment, brands seem almost too quick to respond to every Tweet, every complaint.

At some point, brands will get sick of being bullied by bloggers, tweeters and the like.  But until they figure out how to deal with it when it happens, the whole thing is just a PR nightmare.


That's why they need people like you.



2 years, 10 months ago on Is It Time To Stop Listening to Social Media?


Oh yeah. And isn't always porn, too, that they want you to promote?  I got one last week from someone saying she was a freelance copywriter and would put stuff on my site for free...all she wanted was a few links. AAAAARGH!

3 years ago on Oh For Pete's Sake, No, That is NOT what you are Compensating me for!