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TruthBeTold24, get over it, your man lost big time. Now, to woman broadcasters, Charles is absolutely right as usual. Not pretty, not gonna happen. And that is a shame and of course not fair. Besides, what coach really wants to talk at half-time,  I would imagine none. So they should just do away with on the floor half time interviews!!

2 years, 4 months ago on Charles Barkley: "If you are an ugly woman, you have no chance at getting a TV job"


Oh yeah, they should offer him a multiyear deal. The fans already love him and that was going to be "ify" for anyone taking Fishs' place, and he's proved he can play. He obviously fits in well with the team , so its a win win situation for everyone. Yep, keep him!

2 years, 11 months ago on Sessions seeking muiltiyear deal with Lakers | April


Let the kid alone, he has just come into his own, and that has to be a heady feeling. Sure he does some stupid things and I am sure he knows it. His teammates will let him know when he crosses the line, and set him straight. Every good player has an attitude at some time or the other. So back off, he will mellow and mature, and then other teams better watch out, they won't be able to stop him.. Go Drew!

2 years, 11 months ago on Andrew Bynum is the Most Immature Player in the NBA


GG: How dare you call Derek Fisher a left-over. Fish  is a hell of a player and Oklahoma is lucky to get him.

3 years ago on Derek Fisher to sign with Thunder | March