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Hi Christelyn,


I just read your story "Jumping the broom with a white boy", which I found extremely insightful. I should mention that I am a white man who LOVES black women. I am not exclusive to black women, but they are certainly my preference. Please tell the single sistas that there ARE many men out there whoLOVE black women, who find them attractive, interesting, sexy, funny, warm, friendly, and are interested in dating them with the interest of marrying them. Do not despair young ladies, there is a WORLD full of men interested in pursuing you!


I wanted to get some opinions on my own perspective, which may be a little naive, but it is mine nonetheless. You mentioned that most black women PREFER black men, but because of the numbers and issues facing black women, they cannot ALL find good black men, which is why black women should consider dating other kinds of men. I HOPE that is not the case, and rather it is that women of color are CHOOSING to date men from a variety of ethnic backgrounds because they WANT to, not because they are being forced by logistical reasons to do so. No one wants to be considered second best. In my world, black women are my FIRST choice.


I revel in today's world, because in previous eras, there were so many social barriers that prevented people from loving each other. Things are not perfect now, but they are certainly better than they have been in the past. I am free to date whomever I like, and I appreciate that and enjoy it. My choice is for black women. I hope women of color feel the same freedom, or realize they have the freedom to date and marry anyone they wish.


Finally, maybe I am just a softy here, but I can't help loving your situation; being happily married with children. I think it's beautiful. My deepest congratulations for having the courage to "Jump the broom"!!





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