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I think the real reason STAT is getting a pass is cause we didn't trade a boat load of young prospects away for him. Sure the huge uninsured contract is an incredible risk, but in the eyes of most fans it doesn't hold a candle to blowing up last seasons "feel good first playoff birth since forever-fest" Also most of last season proved STAT to be a reasonably consistant winner on his own, only making it easier for most fans to say it's Melo's fault he's playing badly. 


All of which is obviously not true, they played great together last season. And in the long run STAT's contract will probably be more damaging than trading away a half dozen players for Melo, but NYC fans' perceptions rarely have any correlation with fact or truth or logic or reason or anything else useful.


And for the record I think the Knicks started playing like this before D'Antoni left when they played the Bulls. The losing streak was an adjustment period during a really rough bit of schedule. And Melo has only highlighted his renewed effort cause it's only natural to try and show people you care when heads are on the chopping block. Even if you do put your foot in your mouth and make it sound like you mailed in 2/3rds of the season. Which i don't really think he did.

3 years ago on I Emailed Some Knicks Fans... Again