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Don’t come to Oklahoma City Charles Barkley and President Obama,

Sir Charles, your (Feb 17, 2006) 7:16pm CT "reality check" comment ……..Oklahoma a "vast wasteland" and "no place for black people” holds some truth.  I was recently refunded of over $700 worth of season tickets because (A) being Asian/Black American (B) taking Thunder pictures and providing them free to fans and friends.  (C) Wearing President Obama jerseys.  Answer (B) taking pictures. But, everyone takes Thunder pictures and posts them today.  Question?  Is wearing a President Obama basketball  jerseys by an Asian/Black American the correct answers.  Yes Charles, in Oklahoma, the NBA’s Oklahoma City’s Thunder games are also "no place for black people”.   That is, unless you are the starting 5 Thunder players.  Watch out President Obama, the Thunder games may be no place for a Black President”.  Can anyone help “Oil this Armor?  See photos at /Sports/Oklahoma City Thunder 2011-2012/OKC vs President Obama.

3 years, 1 month ago on Doesn’t sound like President Obama will attend a Thunder game