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It's a good counter argument. For what it's worth I'd argue the Bulls fit the jazz analogy far more than the Heat do. But I definitely see what you're saying.


What irks me about LeBron leaving Cleveland is largely rooted in emotion, whereas this article and your argument is largely rooted in logic. I think logically everyone understands LeBron wanting to leave Cleveland and join a better situation in Miami. I think everyone that bitches LeBron out for doing that would do the same exact thing in NBA 2K12 given the opportunity.


And although we resent athletes for changing teams late in their careers we accept it more than athletes changing teams in the prime of their careers. That's why MJ's quote rings so true. The guy played for the Wizards when he was done, but we don't give him shit for that. It's because he was in the twilight of his career. Same with Favre, and Olajuwon, and Cousy, etc


I don't recall the Shaq-Orlando situation, but I'd assume it inspired many of the same emotions. Logically what Shaq and LeBron did made sense. For them. And Shaq reaped the rewards. Penny or Kobe? Hmm...


But he was probably ostracized by the media for quite some time. And that's the price you pay. And Shaq was always far more personable and human than LeBron will ever be. LeBron is the epitome of a basketball robot who does all the right things and usually says all the right things but sounds like a robot. His interviews are awfully boring unless you get him on a cocky day.


The emotional problem is that LeBron is that father who abandoned his child. Fathers have many reasons for abandoning their children, but none of those reasons are "good enough". We instantly think of those fathers as weak people.


LeBron is the basketball equivalent. None of his reasons, many of which are completely logical as you pointed out, are good enough. And as such we think of LeBron as a weak person, and that's where the hate comes from. Imo. This stuff is all interlaced in psychology.

3 years, 1 month ago on LeBron James And The Search For The New Land