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as a fan of well-executed defense and precise cutting offenses, I've been salivating over the thought of a Spurs vs. Pacers finals.

1 year, 10 months ago on The Banality of Duncan and the Necessity of Narrative


Spot on analysis. Excellent writing. Self-Awareness is something that is projected constantly and he oozes it with every soundbite.

2 years, 10 months ago on The Stan Van Gundy experience


Watching John Petro in person made me sick to my stomach that there was someone worse than Ryan Hollins.

2 years, 11 months ago on Johan Petro earns illustrious "Worst Player In The NBA" title


If you haven't read the cavs the blog piece "Ryan Hollins tries to acquire coffee" you need to...


I was so elated that I didn't have to watch him play a minute in the first cavs game I saw live in years, when they played the Nets monday.

3 years ago on Ryan Hollins and One March Night


Attended the game as a Brooklyn resident transplanted from Northeastern, Ohio so needless to say I rooted for the visiting team. The main takeaway I had from this game was every time the Nets offense came down the court they would sag and sit still, all five players, for about five seconds. Then some ancillary motion would begin and Deron would begin to get frustrated and force something. Meanwhile before every player has crossed the court, off-the-ball action was occurring on nearly every Cavalier possession on the offensive end. I watched the second quarter and from the Nets perspective it was so ugly, nothing could come aside from Deron jacking threes to try and stave a run. I really felt sad for the Nets, knowing who they dealt for Gerald Wallace and the respective amounts contributed by outgoing pieces, and how vital Gerald Wallace was for the Nets to even keep pace with the Cavaliers. That was a completely solid move and gives someone with wisdom and awareness on the basketball court opposite Deron.

3 years ago on Cavs 105, Nets 100: Postgame Quotes