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As I have observed there are two elements keeping us from real elections: 1) voter fraud  2)television.  It is nothing short of amazing how so many voters abide by what they are told on television.  I get most of my news from the internet in sites such as this but I often see in chat rooms arguing about issues that were presented on television.  The issues and the people chosen for us by television is the main problem.  Because corruption cannot survive in a system where everyone knows the truth. 

The Federal Reserve hand out 16 trillion dollars to foreign and domestic corporations, the constant pitching for wars abroad: Libya yesterday, Syria today: Iran tomorrow.  it is clear that we are following someone else's agenda.  Most of the money in this country is created by private commercial banks.  So I ask  how can we fight back.  The answer is that we must instill in everyone the reality of the fact that television has owners and those owners have an agenda that is contrary to your personal interest of liberty and economic freedom.  We need to keep repeating a mantra:  The news on television is bogus and it is there to manipulate you.  Say it many times, and repeat it.  Repeat when someone calls you a conspiracy theorist, or a radical.  Repeat it until every household knows it as a fact.  The Television has you.

3 years, 1 month ago on Executive War Powers Have Strict Constitutional Limits