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 @19>18 Exactly - "after losing the face of the team...".


Irsay cut a healthy Peyton F. Manning. The same Peyton Manning who just signed a 5 YEAR CONTRACT WORTH 95 MILLION. He was cleared to play by at least 3 teams during his free agency tour. You do not cut a healthy Peyton Manning. 


I'd bet season ticket renewal rates are a little better than 87% in Denver. Even "after losing the face" of their team. Why? Because they will be starting the G.O.A.T at QB this season. 


Nate's point is obvious - had the Colts kept Manning, the renewal rate would have likely been unchanged. Jim Irsay just cut the man responsible for keeping the franchise in Indy. Jim Irsay just cut the G.O.A.T. I think a fair number of fans (at least 3600) are a little mad.  


I don't know Nate personally, but I do know one thing: He is a much bigger fan of the Indianapolis Colts than you. My enjoyment of my favorite team was increased even more when I discovered The man bleeds blue, and there is no way he is cheering for anything less than a perfectly executed rebuild. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Fans send Irsay a message | Articles


 @omahacolt Wow. I'll never understand this kind of mentality. You won't root for Manning - a person who I imagine has brought you many joyous moments over the past 14 years. Just because he is no longer wearing a Colts jersey? You feel more connected to a horseshoe, Chuck Pagano, Ryan Grigson, and Andrew Luck? Cold man, very cold.

Read the reports. Peyton was completely unready for free agency because he truly thought he was coming back to Indy.

You are a true "fanatic" when you stop cheering for people and only for the emblem on their helmet. 

2 years, 10 months ago on The unstoppable force meets the immovable object | Articles