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"Unfortunately, he was apparently told it was wrong and instructed to fix the sentences and turn it back in on Thursday morning."

I am going to play devils advocate on this one because I worked in many classrooms with special needs kids. ...

I know you went in and you spoke with the teacher and you were aware of the rules as was Gavin and you caught him at home copying. You also state the teacher said "She’s said that was very clear to the entire class because it’s been a problem with other students in the past. "  She (teacher) could quite possibly has never had Gavin do this before and may be of the mindset that the first time they do it, they get a warning and they have to redo the assignment. 

Its good youre staying on top of things so many parents dont bother being so involved. 

Pardon the typos, my eyes are super tired. I hope everything works out.

6 days, 21 hours ago on I NEED advice: Can I please pick your brain


I think everyone but especially women feel like this at one time or another.(even those with those perfeect lives I suspect so too)  You give so much you feel as if there is litttle or nothing left of yourself. If there is an area that you can say 'no' to ... perhaps to one small thing and take that small piece of time to find a small piece of strength it  can build and grow. Acorns after all become trees. 

Take some time for you. Take a walk enjoy some simple thing. It wont make everything rosey and perfect but it might give you perspective.

1 month ago on I don’t fucking care anymore.