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It's become common practice for me to hold up your posts as a mirror for practices on my own marketing in addition to incorporating them into my discussions with clients. This post - particularly about "being descriptive" in website navigation - was like a seeing last night's mascara on my face this morning (continuing the mirror metaphor). Best practices regarding information architecture, customer experience, and certainly SEO have changed (improved) significantly since I started creating websites. I'll be reviewing my own website and making changes TODAY!


Thanks, as always.

2 years, 3 months ago on Website Navigation Best Practices


I’ve heard many of these same complaints about marketing providers, and personally have many of these same complaints about service providers in general. As a matter of fact, the biggest surprise for me when I made the move from the global corporate marketing world to the independent local marketing world, was how many service providers there are here in Chicago – many with relatively successful track records – who sorely lack in all four of the lessons learned for vendors listed in above: a focus on communication, process, project management and support.


Some of these providers even get high marks from their clients simply because when it comes to areas clients don’t understand or are afraid of (as BookSwaddler commented) – like social media – they’re eager to listen to, even put their brand’s reputation in the hands of, someone (anyone) who confidently tells them they’re an expert. There’s no communication, no process, no nuance, no learning… Sure, you can move one ‘done’ column, but costs are high and benefits are low, and the opportunity is lost.


So your lessons for both vendors and clients are right on. I talk about process incessantly during all pre-engagement conversations and in the proposal, and process is inherently a part of nearly every subsequent conversation I have once they become a client. Sometimes I even hear complaints about all the process and project talk (just do it), until the project is actually delivered on time, on budget, and to the delight of the client. Some clients even tell me they plan to apply the lessons they learned to their own business processes.


So for providers, maintaining a focus on service regardless of your core business is simply good advice. And for clients in search of service providers, so is confirming a provider's commitment to service.

3 years ago on 27 Complaints About Web Design Companies