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Nice piece of writing Jared. I write  as someone who followed the Knicks when I was young (Frazier-Reed era), enjoyed the Bernard King teams a bit, watched the Starks Ewing teams in the playoffs, and then ignored them completely during the bad years.  Besided catching a game or two on TV I started watching again with Linsanity, went to a game in Washington, purchased NBA League pass and now read basketball blogs.  The revival of interest was really due to Lin.  

I sort of think that if D'Antoni coaches somewhere else, and signs Lin, my rooting  will gravitate there; my  ex-New Yorker fan loyalties are durable but not etched in stone.  I appreciate your  historical perspective of the D'Antoni era: before a month ago, I really had no idea about his style of play, or how the Knicks had gotten to be the team they were.  I did think the Carmelo Anthony trade a bad idea, and it sure looks that way--despite blowing out Portland last night. 

3 years, 1 month ago on The End