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This is so gutsy, but I think it's a great move.  Good luck!


I have a post queued for tomorrow about the options I considered when I realized I would have to pay for my wedding on my single income... but the spoiler is that the destination wedding option proved right for us.  Our friends married at a destination last year, and I think the cost to them was only $7,000 for a week in the Dominican Republic and all the guests had a blast!  I also would've been okay with a backyard wedding, but I wasnt' the only one making the decision ;)

3 years, 1 month ago on Life After Quitting Questions Answered: Saving, Business-Building and More


What a great reminder! When I (previously) practiced the "Urgency" and "Set a Savings Goal" points, I saved over $15,000 two years in a row. Unfortunately, I didn't adhere to them after moving late last year, and I haven't saved a penny since. I'm hoping my new blog is going to keep me accountable and get me back in the habit. Thanks for posting, Jeremy!

3 years, 1 month ago on The Secret to Saving Money