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Russ lost his cool...  yep, he sure did.... then he wouldn't talk about it..... The "why" he wouldn't talk about it may be more significant than the foul itself. I don't think he was actually mad at Drajic, he was just the unlucky "Johnny on the spot". Who then was he mad at? The refs? When Drajic tripped on air and Russ was called for a bogus foul he didn't lose his cool. His coach? During the span of the 4th when Harden was bringing the ball down the floor Westbrook hustled his butt off, setting picks, got an assist, created some turnovers on the other end. The fans? Hey, they chanted the guys name earlier in the season when he couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. That just leaves the guys in the white shirts doesn't it. Why would he possibly be mad at them? Hmmm, let's take a look at the bigger picture later and start with the time in the 4th quarter when Brooks went back to the traditional sets. What happened to the hustle and ball movement on offense in those 5 possessions we had just witnessed in the previous 8 or 9? On defense? When Brooks went back to the traditional sets and Houston trapped Westbrook at half court and he committed his FIRST turnover of the game, where were his teammates? NO ONE came back to help him. Just for fun, and it wasn't btw, I kept track of the possessions when Russ was on the floor lat night. It totaled 72, 53 of which he started the possession with ball in hand 53. He passed the ball 73% of those possessions. Of those 40 passes, his teammates took 11 shots in which Russ could have been credited with an assist, they made 2 of them. 2! In the 11 possessions prior to the turnover trips, in which Russ shot the ball or drove the rim, he scored or went to the free throw line 6 times. When I put this all together, it tells me he was frustrated before he came back out in the 4th quarter, but swallowed it. Hustled his tail off, helped build that late lead, but then lost it when his team basically deserted him again when he got the ball back. And then swallowed it again when asked about it... Thin? Possibly anorexic, but I smell something rotten. This team laid down when Brooks gave the ball back to Westbrook. Maybe it is his own creation, but I definitely feel it is the "why" to the question you asked

3 years, 1 month ago on Thunder lose a stunner at home to the Rockets, 104-103