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 @russman138 Better shooting Bruce Bowen might be like it, and I'm a huge Bowen fan!


Where is Kawhi's ceiling though? I don't even think I can see it?


(jokes aside, he'll never be an elite scorer or passer most likely but could be an above average scorer and passer and elite rebounder and defender. The future of the game right now looks to be crazy athletes at the 3 and having a guys like Leonard is AMAZIN' and gives me hope for THE FUTURE!!)

2 years, 9 months ago on How Kawhi spent his summer | July


 @GoCougs10 Really? He made the Spurs look stupid?

According to the box score I saw, the Spurs won. Easily. That's their goal, not having one guy "drop" some points.

I think you just Klay'd yourself (i.e. made yourself look stupid).

3 years ago on Warriors’ Klay Thompson says he can be better than Ginobili | May


I think the Spurs go small ball and win by five. Lakers don't have the perimeter players to match our talent.

Diaw gets the start and Bonner gets a chance to guard Gasol (which he will probably fail at) is my guess.

3 years ago on Bryant doubtful for game vs. Spurs | April


Is anyone else troubled by/curious about Splitter's limited minutes lately? Dude only logged 11 in a blowout last night, Diaw got twice that.

When games are close he sits, when they are blowouts he sits. I wonder why? Lingering back problems or is it something else?

My theory is that Pop plans to go small ball in the playoffs (again) to spread the floor around Duncan. Splitter will be used mainly to spell Duncan when he needs a breat so he is trying to work out his playoff rotations right now.

I'm not really worried about it because I trust Pop, but if we play the Grizz, Lakers or to a lesser extent the Rockets we may need both Splitter and Duncan to be productive. Seems like blowouts would be a good time to get him some run, and we are almost assured a series against one of these teams.

Anyway, just curious if anyone else has noticed this?


3 years ago on Spurs route Hornets, add second 10-game winning streak | April


 @rtesoro440 Back spasms I believe. Not believed to be serious.

3 years, 1 month ago on Scouting the Kings: Evans is X-factor for Kings vs. Spurs | March


It was a hard foul, NOT a dirty foul.


Flagrant? yes. Suspension? no.


Bynum got four games I believe for throwing his elbow into a guy's exposed ribs while he was mid air. This was a guy who was like half his size. That is how you hurt someone.


This was a body check while Griffin still had both feet on the ground. That's not a dirty, I-want-to-injure-someone type of foul. He was trying to cut off his lane to the basket and deliver a goof, hard foul and went too far imo.


KG grabs a player by the throat and the NBA is cool with it, but some no name dares to give a hard foul to Blake and everyone is in an uproar. This is the NBA trying to protect one of their Golden Calves and sending a message imo. It doesn't seem in line with the other stuff I've seen them let slide.

3 years, 1 month ago on Hornets' Smith suspended, won't play against Spurs | March


 @edmolada I agree with you but we have, I believe, two open roster spots, so it seems likely to me they sign a pg and a big anyway. Also agree that money is a factor and they probably won't spend much.

I agree about playing only 3 bigs in a playoff game anyway, but to me another one could still be vital to their chances depending on which teams we draw. Bonner and Blair can both be effective over 7 games against some teams, but maybe not others. As two examples the Grizz and Lakers could be a problem. I don't want to see Bonner on Pau or Randolph. He plays hard but depending on who we're playing a more athletic, defensive big could help us inside and on the boards imo. Things are tight in the West and that flexibility could help.

3 years, 1 month ago on Turiaf, Hickson among available bigs | March


Hickson reportedly will sign with GS Warriors. Not a big loss if we get Turiaf, but Windhorst says Heat and Celtics are favored and he will decide by Weds. Doesn't give us a ton of time to swoop in.

Why the hell are the Heat trying to sign anyone with a pulse anyway? They need Fish and another big, really? They are supposed to be THE superteam, but Bosh and his max contract and Haslem aren't good enough at the 4? I know they have as much right to sign anyone as any other team but it's kind of annoying. This might be our last, best chance to get one for the thumb and I really feel like some depth and D inside is all we need!

Go Spurs! 

3 years, 1 month ago on Turiaf, Hickson among available bigs | March


Good signing. Signing Fish made since on the surface simply because he has killed us in the playoffs before and is a vet, but honestly, looking at his stats this season, he might be done. I'm not sure anyone will sign him. Playing in the triangle helped mask his physical decline in recent years but he simply wouldn't be a fit in our system imo. I can't see him running a high pick and roll w Splitter and that being effectivel. I'll take the young guy with international experience.


More considered about the depth inside anyway. We need a backup point to get through the regular season, but come playoffs what we will really need is better inside defense. Blair is effective against offensively inept competition, but if you force him to defend consistently he fouls a lot to try to compensate for his lack of size. The team I'm still most afraid of in the west is the Lakers. Bynum and Pau would absolutely kill us inside (if Kobe puts his ego aside and lets them attack all game). A Turiaf signing seems to make since. Guy plays with some energy anyway.

3 years, 1 month ago on Report: Spurs to sign guard Patty Mills | March


I'm not a big fan of this. RJ was a disappointment on the court, but he was a true professional and a good chemistry guy. S-Jax? The author of this article calls him a leader but that is sort of the opposite of everything I've heard about him since he left the Spurs. 

Maybe straight up it wouldn't bother me but to give up as 1st rd. pick too? I kind of feel like we traded some of our now AND some of our future for cap relief next year. Hopefully it leads to signing someone good but who knows, Timmy and Manu get older each year and that window gets closer to shutting.

I'd much rather our FO worked on a deal for another big or a pg but they know better than I do I suppose. Now we hope for a decent player to get bought out, and want that would actually want to play for Spurs. I can't say I'm holding my breath.

3 years, 1 month ago on Update: Several reports calling Jackson/Jefferson swap done | March


 @spurs123 I would love to add Kaman, believe me. But with his salary, not sure it would be possibel, and I'm not sure what NO would want with RJ and his contract while they are in clear rebuilding mode.

Not saying adding Kurt Thomas is my dream move or anything, but it's a realistic possibility that wouldn't hamper the organization into the future. Almost no risk. Granted there would be little reward, but Thomas could give some hard fouls in the playoffs if nothing else and can space the floor a bit better than Blair or Tiago at this point.

3 years, 1 month ago on Report: Spurs rumored to trade Danny Green for Josh Howard | March


Trade Anderson for Kurt Thomas straight up. Gives us the defensive interior big we've been looking for, and with Crawford likely opting out after the season and the Blazers generally imploding gives them a chance to see if Anderson could fit for them.

I really don't see Anderson fitting in well on the Spurs, and the salaries are comparable. I think it definitely helps us this season and we don't know if we'd have Anderson after that anyway. Plus Thomas' contract is expiring, while I believe Howard's s for 3 years. If we are just trying to upgrade to make a run this year we shouldn't hamstring ourselves for the future. With Timmy coming off the books this season depending what his next contract looks like we could add a good piece and we would sure regret it if Josh Howard' contract prevented us from doing that.

3 years, 1 month ago on Report: Spurs rumored to trade Danny Green for Josh Howard | March