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Why is it cowardice for MSU to set their schedule up to go bowling?  They tried beefing up the schedule in the past with Oregon, WVU, and Ga Tech.  All it resulted in was sitting at home during bowl season.  If you are an AD, do you want to keep the fans coming back while hanging on to the hope of a bowl game or do you want to disinterest them by giving them 5 win seasons?  Not every team in a conference can be consistent powers - simple math prevents that. 


MSU's (or a UK, Vandy, Ole Miss) goals are very different than Alabama's and LSU's.  That's fact.  Their goals are winning seasons and bowl games.  If those are your goals and your typical conference schedule is 3/4 Top 15 teams, it's not cowardice to schedule a weak OOC, it's common sense.  Let the whipping boys of the conference have a little something to look forward to at the end of the season.  The moment any of them get screwed over in bowl selections because of their OOC schedule, you will see them beef up the schedule.  The same logic can be carried forward to the upper echelon of the conference.  As soon as they someone is screwed over in the BCS because of a weak OOC, you will see a change.  Until that happens, carry on. 



3 years, 1 month ago on SEC A.D.s Will Discuss 9-Game Schedule; Slive Needs To Push It Past Cowards