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OH SNAP! lol, I grew up in a very poor family so naturally, I have been familiar with food stamps my whole life. It is definitely nothing to be ashamed of and I'm glad that this is available. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Surprising Statistics and the Food Stamp Program Eligibility Requirements


When I first met my wife, she encouraged me to check my credit report and I'm glad I did. I found out that someone had bought a house and stopped paying the payments on it. My name is Jeremiah Brown, and this guy's name was Jeremiha Brown and lived in a county that I  had never been to! Because the spelling of our names were so similar, they got mixed up by the loan department and I was getting the bad wrap for it! Now I stay on top of my credit report even though I refuse to get a loan or credit card (after becoming debt free woohoo!) but will have to for our next home 5 years down the road.

2 years, 12 months ago on 6 Common Credit Report Errors


Sweet list. I'm gonna check out the ProBlogger one since I stay at home with my son anyway. Nothing bad about earning a little extra income on the side.

3 years ago on 10 Alternative Online Job Search Sites


Very good post and I highly agree that everyone should be investing in one. Cost of living goes up every day which is all the more reason that you can never have too much in your retirement fund. 

3 years ago on 10 Quick Questions About the Roth IRA


That was great. I love how it really seemd as a cheesy internet sales pich. The odds are why I never play the lottery, instead, I just play the savings game. Nice post.

3 years ago on How to Win the Lottery – Guaranteed 10 Times Out of 10


Great post. Just to give another tip that I always tell people, When you are on the highway, roll your wiindows up and use your AC. The windows being rolled down create a resistance that makes your car work harder, thus more gas. The AC is ran by a belt in which the engine turns, this means that using your AC does cost extra gas money, but while on the highway, it is actually cheaper on gas to use your AC with your windows rolled up. On the flip side to this, when in town, roll down your windows down and turn off the AC. I know it isn’t as cool, but you will save money because the AC will use more gas than if you rolled down your windows in stead. At such low speeds, the wind doesn’t cause nearly enough resistance to cost more than the AC would to cool your face.

Great post, and hope this helps,

Jeremiah Brown @Financeyoga


3 years, 1 month ago on 10 Simple Steps to Cut Fuel Costs and Improve Fuel Economy


"The good thing about focusing your efforts entirely on one area is you’ll see the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time for that particular goal" This is so true. I, personally saved my emergency fund first with my "extra" funds, while continuing to pay minimums. After that, I power tackled the debt until I had it down for the count. Great Post I have yet to post about either of these subjects on my blog, but I'm still new so there will be some on there soon 

3 years, 1 month ago on Build an Emergency Fund, Pay Off Debt, or Save for Retirement? Three Competing Goals That All Need Your Attention Today