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I finally got on the tubeless tire bandwagon.  The handheld compressor pumped up the first tire just like it would a normal tube tire.  The second wheel/tire combo took a lot of finagling but it finally worked with the cordless compressor also.  Much more hit and miss but I have the confidence that if I am not in a hurry, I will eventually make it work.

This probably makes the case for having two sets of wheels.

1 year, 7 months ago on How To: Craftsman Cordless Inflator Dials In PSI To Presta Tires With Minimal Conversion


I didn't see any disc brakes in the photos.  Are discs slow to catch on at this level of racing?

1 year, 8 months ago on GALLERY: 2012 European Cyclocross Championships – Wyman, Van Der Poel, and Teunissen Take their Crowns


Great write up. 

Hey, am I supposed to pay attention to tires?  I enjoyed the whoop-de-doo section more than the flat grass sections, but it was all good.

AND you forgot to mention the dogs, strollers, and spectators riding past the site on the bike path.  You did nail it completely as a true SoCal scene - the BMW (motorcycle with the bicycle rack next to my 12 year old pickup. However I didn't see any rollerbladers.

1 year, 9 months ago on Cyclocross in Southern California: A Look From the Outside In


Welcome aboard.  And it would be great to see you/CX Mag at a SoCalCross Race this fall. 

1 year, 11 months ago on Cyclocross Magazine Welcomes New Editor Joanna Jones


I am not a bike mech. so I couldn't say about the inflation of tubeless tires to initially seat.  Even if not, it probably is worth the $ and time to rig one up.  With the presta head I have, I find I have to insert about 1/2 inch or more of the valve stem into the inflator head, but I don't know about all the schrader heads at all.

2 years ago on How To: Craftsman Cordless Inflator Dials In PSI To Presta Tires With Minimal Conversion


OK, so I too am sorely tempted by disc.  On mtb is was an industry changer - all for the better.  Heck, I had a mechanical disc brake AMF road bike in the mid 70's.  Wonder where that bike is now?


Anyway let's move on to Di2.  $5000 conversion is a bit...OK, a LOT...beyond my budget.  But what are the pros and cons?  And with micro sensor strain guages, how long before full 10 or 11 speed automatics with 'manual' overrides?  


And ABS on street bikes like there is on street motorcycles?

2 years ago on The Dirtbag Chronicles: Disco Inferno


I did this tool conversion about a year ago and it has worked soooo well.  I got the two-battery w/ charger kit along with the compressor.  Oh, and I also then got a cordless reciprocating saw.  The tool family is called C3 at Sears.

Anyway, I cut the Shrader nozzle off and got a presta nozzle at my local bike shop.  Turns out they had about four or five of them stuck  away in a drawer.  I haven't used my floor pump in about a year. 

2 years ago on How To: Craftsman Cordless Inflator Dials In PSI To Presta Tires With Minimal Conversion


I always enjoy the articles about training and scheduling to prepare for the season. 

For 2012 with the variety of disc brake setup increasing almost daily, updates of both the pros and cons as well as continued discussions of retrofitting non-disc bikes.

Also is there any lattitude for 650b bikes in CX, is this a trend that may take off?


2 years, 4 months ago on Reader Requests: What Do You Want in the Off-Season