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I have been reading quite a few posts and I would like to mention a couple of things that may have been left out. I really feel Irsay looked at the Division and decided he needed to change strategies. The other teams in the AFC South are built to beat the Manning led Colts. They have excellent run games and their emphasis has been on defense. Twice a year the Colts have to face Arian Foster and Ben Tate, MJD, and Chris Johnson, and our run defense has been an Achilles heel for years. It was time for us to change our strategy so we can contend within our own division.


He also said he wants to make things more balanced on both sides of the ball. During the Manning era the majority of the cap was tied up in the offense. I think we are going to have a more balanced approach and draft the best player available for the next couple of years because that is the best way to build a team through the draft. We will have the cap space necessary to fill immediate needs through free agency to get us back into contention.


The Purge was necessary because we just released one of the greatest QB's of all time who has been the face of the franchise and put Indianapolis on the map as a football state because of what he did on and off the field for over a decade. Luck has a long enough shadow to stand in. He doesn't need to have to win over a locker room of proven veterans who won a Superbowl with Manning at the helm.


The salary cap wasn't just an issue for us. Look at the Steelers who have one of the best front offices in the league. They had serious cap issues as well because contracts had been structured on the projected cap and then things changed with the new CBA. Next year the cap should be where many GM's thought it would be this year and most teams won't have many of these potential cap issues because they will have better real numbers to work off of going forward.


Did it suck to see Manning  leave absolutely, but Irsay made it clear to Manning that the Colts are rebuilding and that is not the situation he needs to be in. He needs to go to a team that is ready to win now and he can make a couple more runs at Championships to cement his legacy.


I became a Colts fan because of Manning and Dungy and even though they have both left I will still be a Colts fan. I will just have another team to cheer for until Manning retires.

3 years, 1 month ago on The Purge | March