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I felt like taking Harden out of the game cost the Thunder the win but I hope we lose tonight as a way of getting even with the lakers.  Playing a young and deep team like Denver would truly be much harder on l.a. than an aging tyson chandler-less team in dallas.  Denver has two starting lineups(counting their bench) and is much deeper than dallas and l.a. so I like the idea of them wearing out los angeles or even stopping los angeles completely.

2 years, 11 months ago on James Harden cleared to return


I have to say that I'm worried Westbrook is changing his game to respond to all the criticism.  He's a great scoring point guard and he needs to stay that way, he won't get as many assists as chris paul or steve nash but when the game is on the line I'd be equally fine with him driving to the rim as I would with durant taking the shot.  I hope he gets his confidence back in his game and shuts up the people bashing him for his style of play.  Just think about it the guy is 23 years old so he will only improve with time.


I also hope that Cole gets some playoff playing time because I really believe he is going to develop into a great all around player.  He already has flashes of that now when given a chance so I truly hope he gets the call in the big games to show what he can do.

2 years, 11 months ago on Thunder Player Power Rankings: Hardware for Serge Ibaka?


It is sad that laker fans will continue to stick up for their stars regardless of how messed up they are.  To this day people defend bryants actions when he was accused of rape and settled out of court(if you are rich and can afford the best lawyers around you don't settle if you believe you are not guilty....just saying). 


But I will stay on the topic at hand, if you watch the video carefully artest looks directly at harden for a split second and then runs at him throwing the elbow.  As soon as he turns around his face lights up and then turns away showing that he knew harden was right there.  Also the fact that harden was running down after artest like other thunder players were and was actually touching artest at the time.  It's hard to argue that you didn't know someone was there when they were brushed up against you.  This kind of play looks bad for the league and when one of a teams top scorers is targeted you have to ask yourself what else will the league allow.  If the thunder play the spurs in the playoffs should they just send Ivey to throw a uppercut into tony parker's face? 


This disgusts me the most because with harden playing the thunder are a different team and a guy who on average contributes very little to the lakers decided to take him out.  People can say he was having a good game or is a big defensive presence but I'm sorry artest is old and not nearly as useful as he was before.  He is being given a reputation based on past achievements not on current ones.  I also feel like mentioning that durant was having a bad game from the start, every time a star plays badly people give credit to whoever is defending him.  There were some times ebanks did a decent job but again durant was already struggling so imagine if you are playing ball one day and you have an off day, everybody has, that doesn't mean whoever is playing you is playing great defense it just means you are having an off day.  So hopefully we meet the lakers again in the playoffs and durant can show you what a great defender ebanks is.  I also wouldn't mind if perkins wiped out artest and did a favor to the sport of basketball, besides then aldrich could show what he can do.

2 years, 11 months ago on OKC lets a lead slip to the Lakers losing in double-OT 114-106


You guys have got to realize that we don't need Howard.  With Westbrook right now you have a top 2 or 3 point guard in the league.  Durant is a top 1 or 2 at the forward position(debatable with James on which spot) and the soon to be sixth man of the year with Harden.  If Thabo can get healthy he can defend any teams best player and we already have instant offense with three players.  Ibaka is going to get better and Aldrich has flashes of brilliance from time to time.  He is the future at center for OKC so breaking up this youthful team would be foolish especially since we are holding the number one spot in the west and keep flip flopping for number 1 in the league.  Just sit back and enjoy what you have and enjoy watching Durant/Westbrook/Harden/Ibaka/Aldrich/and even Jackson continue to develop.  This team is deep and talented.  With Perkins you have a great defender, they don't need a lot of points from the post but I think Aldrich and Ibaka will be the ones providing that in the near future. 

3 years ago on Thunder Fear Factor: Who is scary in the West?