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It seem ironic to me that Mizzou is entering perhaps the most tradition rich conference in the country after a decade of tradition-killing efforts by its own athletic department. The "manufactured" traditons of the last few years give a sense of false-passion(i.e. announcers and video boards leading chants instead of fans). The free tailgate parking areas are gone, the rivalries of the past century are postponed indefinately, the 'antlers' are buried in the 'zou' (is that the manufactured name for the student body or the football playing field?...never have figured that out), and now the block 'M' is gone. I fully expect football seniors will have to pick up gravel from the shoulder of Stadium Blvd in the future on senoir day because the rock 'M' and the hill will be covered bleacher seats. Fans are much better stewards of tradition than Athletic Departments. I am a long-time fan of and donor to Missouri athletics and I fear we will be embarrassed when our "new' look is unveiled.

3 years, 1 month ago on Pinkel Expects Backlash From Nike-fication At Mizzou