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I live in Australia and I travelled on the Coast Starlight and the Amtrak Cascades (twice) last year ( as well as the Empire Builder and the Lake Shore Limited. I started in Los Angeles, visited The Grand Canyon and then up the coast to Seattle, Vancouver BC, across the top on the Empire Builder to Hudson NY, Saratoga Springs for a concert then back to Hudson and travelled from Hudson ending my trip in New York City.

All of these trips were through amazingly beautiful scenery...I can't pick a favourite :)

America is spectacular place and Amtrak is definitely the way to see it and make "train friends"

I have been telling anyone who will listen to travel with Amtrak if they visit America, I am proud to be part of the 31.6 million who travelled with you last year :)

Thank you Amtrak for the adventure of a life time and I will be back to travel a few more :)

1 year ago on 4 Most Scenic Train Rides