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Enough with this "OKC is scared of Dallas" nonsense...we more than exorcised any residual demons this season.

3 years ago on Pick your poison: Sizing up the Thunder’s first round matchups


Good article overall. Still, I feel like while the NBA blogging culture emphasizes PER when talking about advanced stats, the actual APBRmetrics community has moved beyond PER and all these linear metrics. Variations of adjusted plus-minus and stats like WARP dominate the discussion there.

3 years ago on The Dirty Little Secret Of PER


If Lebron is penalized for having Wade on his team, Rose penalized for having the best team defense, Durant should be penalized for having Westbrook. Especially at the level Westbrook's been playing at. That's just being fair.

3 years ago on OKC soars past the Bulls in clash of top teams, 92-78


Great stuff, but I don't think this is advanced...shot location data and PPP data are things everyone can understand without any trouble.


What I want to see is a post on plus-minus. Things like PER, win shares, and shot statistics are fine, but aside from using the latter for player development purposes, I don't think they have much of an impact on roster-related decision-making for teams like the Rockets. That's part of why they're publicly available. I'm pretty sure NBA teams use their own advanced versions of plus minus.

3 years, 1 month ago on Understanding Advanced Stats: Amar'e Stoudemire's Declining FG%