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Railroad rhythm is what gets to me. No other mode travel, besides the iambic pentameter of horse's hooves, has this all-encompassing metronomic ambiance. Like the beating of the heart, the rise and fall of breath in the chest, the pulse of life itself, the sound and motion inspire some to sleep and others to a kind of hypnotic reverie. The mind plays on nostalgia for a forgotten time, notices what sparkles behind the scenes, opens to the isolated hours in the mountains, unwinds through the wind-blown plains, or focuses like magnified light, on the gathering of a city from small town and sleepy suburb to the raucous hustle of its heart. Entering the train, one gives up one's mind to another mode of being, both distant and intimate, and such an experience invites the writer to journey into the surrounding scenery, until their soul becomes part of the landscape.

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