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It is very useful article and covers much wider territory, regarding not only getting speaking gigs, but other kind of gigs, including artistic one as well.

8 months ago on 4 Tips for Getting Paid Speaking Gigs


So very diligently written.It is very helpful article and should be served as a passport for small business and freelancing in this highly changing business environment. 

1 year, 3 months ago on Small Business Owners Should Demand 1099 Rule Changes


It is unconscionable to what degree people can lose their civility and fundamental moral responsibility. Carol is profoundly correct in her conceptualizing the difficult and painful reality which we are facing and must deal with. Global complexity and tensions are also contributors to the problem.
Our times are a test for human survival. In a climate like this, any courageous move, public appearance, or expression of one's mind should be strongly respected. It is not about right or wrong, pretty or ugly, relevant or not. It is an opportunity and privilege to communicate with someone who has the courage to be in the public eye with one's message.
There are certain missing layers in our society, which are especially now hurting us—thinning public education is one of them.
Formation of critical thinking with social civility which are to be instilled in schools would greatly diminish the kind of rudeness and senseless vulgarity which this individual displayed toward Carol. It is very unfortunate that she had to endure such outbursts. It is more than sad that a vulgar attack took the place of productive in-depth dialog.
Bravo, Carol, for totally disarming your attacker with such a brilliant response—another proof of your courage and integrity!

1 year, 5 months ago on New Rule: America Needs to Get a Grip on Its Anger


My son and I listened—what an extraordinary segment. Carol's words become all the more indispensable because, as a master of the science and art of managing money, she also alerts us to those things that can never be bought. To hear this message come not from a celebrated poet, or a psychologist, but from a highly prominent business strategist makes the impact of Carol's message on our minds even sharper.

1 year, 11 months ago on Being Rich Isn’t All About Money


Happy Birthday Catherine!

It is a wonderful gift you gave to yourself by sharing this special article.

In this aggressive world today, trust is often drowned by politics and greed.

Your collaboration with Carol is a model of what a true and trustworthy relationship should be.

2 years, 1 month ago on Building Business Relationships: Trust Takes Time


This article rings a huge bell especially for artistically gifted people, where there is virtually no visible line in between the passion sense and business sense. It is, however, an unfortunate screaming reality today where a business plan must come before the passion. One must be aware of what the public wants and what your customers want to hear, to see, and experience. Tragically, some truly gifted artists never will have the light at the end of the tunnel, choosing to be deaf to what sells. Historically, in the past, the artist's mission was to elevate the public's culture level and the artist would not lower his/her standards to please the crowd. Today, however, it is fundamentally important to be very aware of the commercial market's needs and wants. One cannot be seduced only by passion, drive, and glory of the dream.

2 years, 2 months ago on Too Many Entrepreneurs Drink the Passion Flavored Kool-aid


What a wonderful article! This is a fantastic avenue for marketing music and communication for arts and entertainment. The Blackberry becomes a symphony of mobile marketing.

2 years, 3 months ago on Using Facebook for Mobile Marketing (Free eBook)


What a comprehensive and practical article. 

Regarding customer service, often the internet is missing a fundamental human service. In fact, it is very confusing for customers to make a decision where to shop: online or in a physical store. It is common knowledge that people often go to the store only to learn about a specific product and then make the actual purchase on the internet. Competitive pricing plays a huge role here, but perhaps even more, with the competition that the internet poses, physical stores must offer extraordinary person-to-person service to justify the customer's time to get to the store. The internet cannot fully substitute human help which only can be present in a physical store. Even though, there is a shortage in service and sales persons, the ones hired need to be much more "unbeatably" qualified and trained stronger not only to know  their products well, but, as Carol Roth writes, to have the ability to step "into the shoes of the customers".  Quality customer service always attracts returning customers—online or onland—by saving them time for shopping elsewhere, and time of course is money. 


2 years, 5 months ago on Customers: 3 Ways to Create Customer Loyalty in Business


Congratulations! Even though I know you both less than a year,but feel magnet of your work with powerful beam for the future. Your solidarity on every level is particularly very noble,because it is serving a foundation for facing one of the major reality of the world: an intellectual challenge, which is not always in the "agreement"  with financial decisitions.

Beyond Chicago community, there are voices and wishes sent to "Business Unplugged".

2 years, 8 months ago on Collaboration, Celebration, and Milestones


Brilliantly expressed on every level. It is especially so supportive to ones who still fight their personal "purity", which can be irreversibly costly business-wise. I'm personally amazed to what extent an individual can impress you with his/her most positive, "trustworthy" ambience which makes it even more difficult sometimes to stand your fair ground. Sometimes you even manage to feel guilty in expectation and demanding what is rightfully yours. For a moment getting off the subject, in my practice working with the people, I must say that these situations and challenges provoke looking at oneself in a deep and detailed personal level with this question: What is preventing me from getting my fair and well-deserved share in this world? Coming back to the article, one can not appreciate it enough because it confirms that there is an established reality where cheating and fraud have almost become "business as usual". Entrepreneurship suffers greatly because of hugely wasted time in dealing with this garbage instead of truly fruitful and productive work. 

In talking with a colleague, I was surprised to learn that banks have changed their policy regarding bounced checks. Illegitimate checks have become so common, that banks have removed some of their burden and placed it onto their customers by penalizing them for depositing a bad check. Why does a customer need to be penalized twice—depositing a check which customer did not know to be bad, and a bank penalty on top of it? The answer was, 

that it is the responsibility of the check recipient to be absolutely sure that the check is legitimate. 

Indeed, one must be like a psychic in evaluating people and their motives, in addition to having a sharp and penetrating business judgment.


2 years, 9 months ago on I’m Your Consultant, Not Your Lender


In today's internet marketing, more then ever before, a highly innovative business or service requires more aggressive marketing then other well-known businesses/services.

There is a challenge to overcome marketing costs believing in the individuality and uniqueness of a product. Read the above for some smart suggestions, concepts and surprises. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Competition: Standing Out From the Crowd in Business


 It is becoming more evident how difficult it is to make fair judgements about content-information coming from different websites: what is real and what is fake. It is particularly very disturbing how deceptive and untruthful some websites can be by being dressed up with flashy and superficially attractive designs. This article is very helpful because it is focusing on major points of websites, whether you are searching through different websites or in the process of building your own "world corner".

2 years, 10 months ago on Websites: How to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Business Website


Very helpful article. Indeed it is a union of opposites: ego, which particularly speaks out more in between relatives, needs to be neutral since business comes first. At the same time, business aura must prevail over personal interests and conflicts. If close people genuinely share the same passion and have similar "objective' background, this can indeed create an unshakable foundation for success.



2 years, 10 months ago on The Pros and Cons of Partnering with Your Partner


To intensify your point, I must say that there is an established, unspoken, and deeply engraved custom, where unfortunately, untactful, aggressive and intrusive verbal mannerisms are considering good and an effective business.


2 years, 10 months ago on Why I Don’t Read Your E-mails


Strong message, especially for younger generations. Unfortunately, some modern young women count on their legs much more than on their brains.These individuals are breeding and condoning male psychology and insulting behavior in the work place. There is another reason this article makes strong impact on women's awareness: the media is overly obsessed with standard sex image which sometimes collides with the true essence of an outstanding woman's brain.

2 years, 10 months ago on That Post About Sexuality, the Workplace and the Award


For ecxellent reasons, this article challenges the well-known old fashioned rule: "the customer is always right". What a relief! 

2 years, 10 months ago on Customer Service: 4 Easy Ways to Deal with Difficult Customers


It is very refreshing to embrace a Prima Donna factor if indeed it produces smart and "elegant" business result.

Also,in this article I see drops of analogy with one of your previouse thoughts, where you are promoting the idea of cooperation instead of competition. Here you are suggesting fullest flexibility and cooperation with your clients instead of competing with stiff, complexity of contracts.  

2 years, 11 months ago on The Prima Donna Factor


Perhaps these comments are a departure from the points of this article, but inspired by them:

The word "culture" is used in connection with the corporate world.

There is another well known definition for culture as a human heritage, traditions, habits, and mutual communication.

The process of "business game changer" cannot be realistic and successful if human culture will not be restored asap.There is a huge gap in between the wealthiest class and the uneducated—a hopelessly lost young generation. The business game needs to be changed starting from the first grade, and then Wall Street's true power will shine with its capitalistic crown.


2 years, 11 months ago on Corporate Culture: A Business Game Changer


This article is especially very illustrative because in this highly competitive commercial reality, it often takes only a single wrong signal by mispricing a piece of merchandise and the customer never will come back.


2 years, 11 months ago on Exclusivity: You’re Doing it Wrong


This vision--approach is the best vitamin for the ego,making it as a productive collaborator.

2 years, 11 months ago on Competitor Schmetitor


One can respond with the power of tears…

We are all part of "man's plans"….but only a bare few—like yourself—has the power of  "God's laugh". 




2 years, 11 months ago on What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You Stronger


WOW-World Of Wisdom:striking message,deserving another book.


2 years, 11 months ago on Strategy: The Oklahoma City Thunder Marketing Debacle


How one can miss the article with such title!

Quantity is extra important for reaching rural areas where people psychologically "not as fast" to be part of the main stream of information.

2 years, 11 months ago on Let’s Be Honest, Size Matters


Such inspirational sharing, which is deserves a novel! Congratulations with your fabulous DAD!

In one of Carol's regular appearances on Fox News program, she distinguished the function of  convenience from the function of the service, when addressing the Apple computer company.

Our digital world with non-stop development of internet networking is an unbeatable convenience, but it is a huge human disservice to use it instead of human communication.

It is a personal gift and responsibility to turn "cold" calls into human connection which is irreplaceable ground for a successful business.


3 years ago on My 75 Year Old Dad’s Social Network is More Effective Than Yours


There are superior human qualities and gifts which do not have a price tag. Leadership is one of them. Yet, about one week ago, one of my students, a 14 year old boy, asked me: "Can I be  President if I do not have enough money?" I had to be truthful and answered: "First embrace knowledge with education, and then money will follow". It is profoundly challenging to comprehend how a campaign for President—the sacred leadership of the country—is not even measured just by millions, but now reaching the billion dollar mark. 

I am very grateful to read about this powerful, highly refined and reliable group of distinguished people who are emphasizing leadership as a noble human engine in our society.

3 years ago on Leadership: Effective Leadership Tips


There are businesses which are focused on manufacturing goods and others for that are for education, entertainment and other human resources, organizations, including political institutions.  The bullet-proof business foundation described in the article is much harder to apply to human-oriented businesses since it is beyond just a measure-stick and precisely calculated process. It is however imperative to thoroughly calculate and conceptualize the process using "usual 5": what, where, how, why, and when. It is sharply relevant for improving and  changing the system of education. Problems cannot be solved just with pouring more money into it. Indeed, instead of steam "pouring out of your ears", there must be an intellectual responsibility to develop plans and strategies with financial accountability for every detail.    

3 years ago on That $100 Million Dollar Design Email


Universal rule of Gross Profit Margin is much more challenging to apply to an education sphere and human artistic businesses.It might feel even as an artificial imposition where connection of GPM as a concrete numbers would need to correspond to  subjective human proportions.Yet it is critically important to have GPM as a foundation for every multi level human business for clarity,security and flexibility.

3 years ago on Understanding Your Bottom Line: Gross Profit Margin


Indeed flexibility and ability to re-sculpture your product/business makes and insists one to know the fullest potentials of the product/business. Marketing also can be scheduled in steps: first phase is for one quality-function of the product/business, the second one introduces different set of quality/function.Thinking out of the box,which Carol emphasizes, is indeed a life-saving reality today.

 Carol's article is a brilliant example of an innovative business article format by including a piece of history so decoratively complementing her thoughts.

3 years ago on The Lysol Story: The Power of Being Adaptable In Business


Vladimir Horowitz-one of the greatest musician once expressed his connection in between his soul and mind,where an artistic with touches of an idealistic fantasy of the soul always will be guarded by grounded power of the mind.

3 years ago on Idealism Versus Realism: A Leader’s Choice


These are so critical and sharply relevent points. They lead to intellectual responsibility. People are easily trapped into spending urges, even going into the supermarket buying not only what they need, but what they never will use: from the store's freezer it moves to a family freezer for ever.

Carol's point regarding false impression of prestige goes very far: it makes a person feel as a prisoner of his/her own wealth. An obsession with fabricated success gives wrong and confusing messages to young people. It also creates a sharply unhealthy environement in the sphere of education. "To make an impression" became a superficial virtuoso goal: it is like a pretty hat without a head. Making an honest effort first requires a head, only afterward with the final addition of a tasteful hat. 



3 years ago on Great Spenders Don’t Make Great Investors


Because there is unfortunately sizable amount of those "guys"in business arena it forces the true honorable entrepreneurs to do a lot of extras to compete with those guy's flashy fake marketing.It is that much harder for consumer too to find a satisfactory product and service without being temporarily seduced by one of those "wise guys". 



3 years ago on Is Your Marketing Strategy “That Guy”?


Well articulated points which are helping to turn an embarrassment to ask for help into constructive result.It might be perhaps even more effective and enjoyable if people are mutually exchanging help in the area of their expertise.For example:a graphic artist asks for some business advice and PR who is willing to give him/her some business tips in exchange can use this graphic designer for their business.

3 years ago on How to Get the Business Help You Need


Extraordinarily moving—thank you for sharing this. Priceless advice especially for artistic people who are often flooded with brilliant ideas but need to work toward concrete goal in mind and follow through with that goal. 


3 years ago on In Business You Need More than Passion- You Need Goals


Strong point. It is indeed challenging to have nearly perfect match beetwen personal and business description. Perhaps it can be helpful to minimize loss in translation if a messenger instantly will perceive her/himself as a receiver.

3 years ago on Marketing Messaging: Try One vs. Try Once


Honest,unbeatable and transparent evaluation of Social Media.

The progression of business problems are developing very quickly from micro relationship issues in between employers and customers leading to micro negative exposure in Social Media.This article is powerful message and recommendation how to avoid negative exposure in Social Media by being in constant  connection with your employees,customers and your well protected business placement in Social Media.



3 years, 1 month ago on Social Media: It Can Help Your Business Suck Faster


It could not be more timely written article.

The four points are connected to number of other positions,forcing one to think about quality of FOCUS.It is professionally and personally important not to thrive on excuses of our digital multi habit communication.Carol makes sharply relevant points honoring respect,diligence and personal integrity.I believe any school can have benefit of this brilliantly written article.


3 years, 1 month ago on Etiquette: 4 Important Business Etiquette Tips


Strong points Carol,especially because it is an extra challenge for some people to keep uncompromised focus due to huge stream of information which is very easily can create chain of excuses and missing dead lines.

3 years, 1 month ago on Responsibility vs. Flexibility vs. Accountability


This article makes a multifunctional impact since it creates the bridge in between business psychology and practical advice.

3 years, 1 month ago on Investment: Crowdfunding Project Tips