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@TheElusiveWhovian  IIRC, I think Madoc may even have been considered to play The Doctor at some point, which would have just driven everyone barking mad.

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Capaldi’s Familiar Face Addressed in a Low-key Way


The episode being "Good enough" to be shown in theaters is not the point.  The theatrical releases are intended to whip the fans up into a frenzy, and to get publicity for the show in general, In the hopes that new people may check it out,.  They've done Theater showings in New York for years, including the premieres for the last two or three Smith seasons.

The only one that "Cheapened" the experience was the recent presentation of Return of the Cubermen / The Age of Steel, which was primarily done to push the new documentary Tennant had narrated.  That had no sense of occasion at all, and I known of nobody who bothered.

4 weeks ago on Does Deep Breath Really Deserve a Theatrical Release?


No great challenge - Amy said she always liked ancient Rome.

4 weeks ago on Capaldi’s Familiar Face Addressed in a Low-key Way


@Amy the Consulting Key Ring @Rani Nose The subtle difference in Girl in the fireplace is, assuming the letter is legit, it reveals that she never saw The Doctor again, so going back and seeing her would indeed set up a paradox.  There's no evidence Amy and/or Rory didn't see The Doctor again.  It's somewhat certain that she hadn't seen him by the time of the publication of the Melody Malone book, certainly, but that was decades ago.  We know that River can get back to see her, so we know they are indeed fine.

  I personally would love to hear about a series of Sarah Jane-like adventures with the Williamses save New York from various alien threats over the past decades.

4 months, 4 weeks ago on Moffat Explains Doctor’s Timey Tomb


" I can’t rescue Amy and Rory because I already know that I didn’t."  Outlandish claptrap.All we know is they died several years apart in New York City a couple decades before 2012.  Nothing says he couldn't go back, take them on wonderful adventures, and drop them right back where they were, EXACTLY like he'd been doing for a majority of their time together.

5 months ago on Moffat Explains Doctor’s Timey Tomb