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One of my cats (we have 2) defecates on top of the litter and does not cover it. He scratches outside of the box with his front paws but obviously, this isn't correct. Is there anyway we could teach him to cover his poop?

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Im late to the party here, but altho this may seem like insight, it wasn't long before players hated how Torts wouldn't leave them alone with his commentary about how they played!

1 year, 5 months ago on H. Sedin: Torts Interaction Is How You Want It To Be


@jmacwilliPerfect point!!! Bring them on. This team isn't contending for a Cup with Vinneuakt or Ruff or Aikins so why not have Mess run the PP & TGO coach!!! Who cares what the results will be; our boys aren't challenging for the Cup anytime soon!! Sorry Hank!!!

1 year, 9 months ago on Messier, Gretky Interested in Rangers Head Coaching Vacancy


Oh great; will Gary Bettman be there and NBC Sports network take this game away from MSG so they can all go gaga over Cindy? Hope our boys are ready for a lot of PK Thursday night!!!!


3 years ago on Crosby to Return on Thirsday vs. Rangers | March


They got the first goal against Ottawa but that didn't do them any good!!!


3 years ago on Dubinsky Likely out Tonight | March