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Facebook and Google appear to be forcing us to Boosted (notice the "newspeak" that doesn't say "paid") and Sponsored (again whitewashing the fact that you must spend money) posts and listings. It is interesting that the ROI or ROIA is not very impressive. To answer your questions, yes I will continue to hope. I do find it curious and ironic that the reason social media was so successful in the first place was the lack of advertising. Do you feel that moving toward a paid advertising model may lead to the eventual demise of these platforms and/or provide opportunity for a new channel that goes back to the "good ole days" of social media?

11 months ago on Facebook Organic Reach Declining


Hi Gini,

I just discovered your blog and will definitely follow Paul. I need to correct you, however, on the "ying and yang." It is actually "yin" instead of "ying."

3 years, 1 month ago on #FollowFriday: Paul Sutton