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Bricklemore and McCallum 2-21....Kings shot TEN % that's right 10% !!! from 3pt range... its days like these when you KNOW "the culture is changing" into something much much worse.... Way to go Kings !!!!

Ranadive, Malone, Petey... You are all Incompetent.

1 week, 5 days ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Sacramento Kings at Golden State Warriors


36% shooting but at least the Kings play poor defense.....

Obviously Bricklemore and McCallum are the answer and should continue to be developed for the next 8-10 years.......Malone HAS CHANGED THE CULTURE... Unbelievably the culture is now WORSE then when "smart" was at the helm of this sunken ship....

Cuz evidently took the night off tonight but he only makes 65 million so he deserves to take a night off here and there...

Hey Vivek how are the ratings in India?

Do you still have to give away Kings tickets to get people into sleep train pretend like fans are interested?

2 weeks, 5 days ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Sacramento Kings at Oklahoma City Thunder


Hey  Jimmer,

There are Thousands and Thousands of fans that have seen quite clearly how this corrupt organization has done all they can to destroy your confidence and your career these past 2 1/2 seasons.. The result is  that you continue to improve and have put up the most impressive numbers anyone could expect given your egregious situation. How you keep your mouth shut and NEVER complain is a testament to your superior Character. 

      The strength of character you have shown dealing with  TWO bold face lying and incompetent coaches, jealous teammates, a front office that cares nothing about fair treatment or fair play is astounding. I have been watching sports for over 40 yrs and have never seen anything like it.

        I speak for many when I say your time will come and we all can't wait. We got a taste of whats to come in NY last week. What a thrill that was .... It appears you are in for another half a season of abuse. It also appears that what you are doing on your own time is working. You just continually improve in every aspect of your game. Your defense looks so much better, your ball handling and ability to take your defender (left or right) off the dribble is impressive, your passing  and court sense continually improves and your shooting skills are superb. 

     Continue to improve and you could be the first NBA player to shoot 60% from 3 pt range (65% is not out of the question for you),  I for one believe you have the ability to become an All Star and a Hall of Famer.

        I looked up your stats compared to the great Steve Nash and compared both of your stat lines and it appears despite the abuse you receive you are out playing him. For example your PER is 16.9 this season compared to Nash's 10.9. Your pts per 36 min is 18.7 compared to Nash's 8.9 .

Very Impressive.


 Remember when you are sitting at the end of that bench watching inferior players play your minutes, biting your nails and thinking   "if I could just play I know we could be winning" that there are thousands and thousands of us that see clearly what is going on and we all know your time WILL come.

     THANK YOU for all the thrills you have given us !

     Keep up the great work.


 Matthew Grace  - 

1 month ago on Jimmer Fredette talks NBA trade deadline and future with Sacramento Kings


@KingsAllDay   Watch this to see what you have (and in sack town LOST)  in Fredette ..

 The next Steve Nash with better shooting skills. 

This nonsense  about his 'poor defense' (who plays defense on the Kings?)is BeeS hyped by the absolute mental midgets  and degenerates in Sacdemento. He is at worse an avg defender..who continually improves..
Fredette is a scoring Freak that was simply ABUSED in Sacdemento by two of the worst coaches in history Malone and "smart"..The kid is a basketball prodigy who LEADS THE NBA IN 3pT % ..He shoots it better than Korver and Curry and anyone else on the planet..Gets to the basket with ease  and is a great passer .....He also has a Very high basketball IQ..... Its not a matter of "if" its a matter of when..He is just too good to ignore and he just keeps getting better.. Youre Welcome.

1 month ago on Game 66 Preview: Sacramento Kings at Chicago Bulls


How much fun would it be to see Fredette get 30 minutes.... It WILL eventually happen .Fredette wil become a starter and an outstanding Pro and he will humiliate the Kings and their "organization" countless times.... Hope he gets to do it against the ignorant, LIAR Malone ..:)

1 month ago on Game 66 Preview: Sacramento Kings at Chicago Bulls


Im confused ..aren't they always tanking?

1 month ago on Sunday Musings: Are the Sacramento Kings tanking?


@tocan  you're not that smart  ..are you part of the Kings "organization." You sound like you could be a GM for this Cousins

1 month ago on Why Jimmer Fredette no longer made sense for the Sacramento Kings


@KennethBrody  The Sacdemento culture will NEVER Change while "cuz" is the GM (wake up he IS the GM) and nobody in the organization can recognize real talent. It is really embarrassing .People will be laughing their asses off in two years when people are reminded that Malone and the Kings played  Bricklemore and McCallum over Fredette...I already find it hilarious/tragic.... and tried to "build' a team around Demarcus Cousins....

its REALLY funny...

1 month ago on A final conversation with Jimmer Fredette


@nchr  You nailed it. 

1 month ago on A final conversation with Jimmer Fredette


This is better than a Kings game...

1 month ago on Ray McCallum embraces role as change-of-pace defender for Sacramento Kings


"Changing the Culture"  .....   to what?  ....

it looks like  Keith (not so) Smart's 28 win season might be out of reach for Malone and his poor excuse of a team ..But at least the defense got better...oh didn't ...sorry :)

Im sure Ranadive and D'alessandro are on it along with the hapless Malone .....and never forget you got a class act in Demarcus Cousins...oh wait....

lottery pick team for eternity..

1 month ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Toronto Raptors 99, Sacramento Kings 87