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@RBAE76  Next they're going to start saying candles kill people like guns do. ;)

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Alleged Candle Jar Attack Brings Deadly Weapon Charge


@SteveBousum we don't go to church every Sunday either, though the one we do go to has some wonderful people. I was raised in a home with a mom that was a Southern Pentecostal woman (no snake handling at the Pentecostal church that used to be in Lawrenceburg thankfully lol). But even if I didn't care for any religion at all I wouldn't complain about a nativity. It's been a symbol of Christmas in general for a very long time

4 months, 2 weeks ago on In New Letter, Freedom From Religion Demands Courthouse Nativity Removed


@TomDolan  It would be a nightmare getting people out safely on the nights with big music acts at the fairgrounds though. Someone commented in the Facebook group about how bad it was getting out of the fairground after the Alabama show. And Marie brought up what happens when it's decided Fall Fest should be paying to get in like the 4H Fair did. Even with the entry fee getting you on rides for free at the 4H fair it wasn't worth it to us and we stopped going. We don't do rides and our 5 year old only has a few he likes.

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Lawrenceburg Fall Fest May Happen At Fairgrounds


@papawgrunt  I think they're referring to what some people would call someone with something like Downs Syndrome or something similar. My best guess at what they're talking about reading the entire article.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Hoosiers Urged to Spread the Word, End the “R-Word”


o.O Really did the "Freedom from Religion Foundation" ever consider it's also a tradition with how long it's been put up in front of the courthouse?? I don't live in Brookville but jeez. Some people are just ridiculous....they want their right to not like or want a religion pushed on them respected but don't seem to want it to go both ways. I know it's a courthouse and it's a government building but good Lord....leave it be it's not physically hurting a single person. If they've been doing it for years and it just started being wined about a couple years ago. *shakes head* People aren't supposed to say Merry Christmas anymore so they don't offend someone that isn't a Christian even though that's been what most have said for a very very long people are complaining about nativity scenes...what's next a church can't look like a church because it's offensive to people that aren't Christians?? I have no issue with people that don't want to be part of a religion and such but it's starting to get a little crazy on what people can or can't say, or do, or what can or can't be outside a building government or not. We stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance in high school cause heaven forbid it has "In God We Trust" in it...and I've read article where schools have rewritten traditional Christmas songs to cut out any mention of God or Heaven (cause they couldn't have picked one of the hundred of Christmas songs that DON'T mention God or Heaven to sing in their concert)'s just getting ridiculous.  

4 months, 3 weeks ago on In New Letter, Freedom From Religion Demands Courthouse Nativity Removed