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 @CurtisMitchum Thanks Curtis.  I'm glad there's someone else out there that isn't hating on Kravitz.  He did his job through all of this and did it well.  The complaints about his articles reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom refused to listen to the national announcers during games.  She would mute the TV and listen to Lamey because "the TV guys are biased against us".  Of course it's Lamey that's biased for us but in her eyes... 


Just because it's something you don't want to hear doesn't make it untrue.  Yesterday was the saddest day I've had as a sports fan but I understand the decision and why it had to be made.  If you want to blame somebody blame the Polian's for not having a better backup plan at QB.  Blame Caldwell for coaching the team as though Collins, Painter, or Orlovsky could run Peyton's offense.  If we win 2 more games last year we're picking 4th overall and Peyton is still our QB.

3 years, 1 month ago on The End of the Manning Era | February