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This is great. And it makes me feel a lot better about the FO. Not quite, "okay, enough of this run to win bullshit," better, but definitely better.

1 month ago on Breaking Down the Colts' Free Agent Contract Structures


@thellamajockey @AJ_  Yeah, I was hearing things last fall, after the "15 years" tweet, from my people in Indy. Hope he gets it sorted. I went through the pre-St. Peyton years, so Jim's got my loyalty more or less locked up. 

1 month ago on Jim Irsay Arrested on DUI and Drug Possession Charges


I reacted yesterday to what sounded like the Colts deciding to go with Costa over Mack. That's one interpretation of Mike Wells's statement that this signing ends the Mack thing, in all likelihood. That sounded like the Colts were either a) handing the starting gig to Costa, b) paying him too much to leave room for Mack, c) both (Walden/Landry signings have me gun-shy). Even knowing that the Mack situation isn't entirely in the Colts' control, and that there's a lot we don't know there, I just didn't get this move. It doesn't seem like we're getting 75% of Mack and 10% of the price, which I could live with.  

But it doesn't look like that's what happened (choosing Costa over Mack). I still don't get the urgency, since Costa seems like just a guy, and there are always plenty of those, but I'm inclined to see this as a possible reason for hope. For one thing, it's cheap. But mainly, my impression has always been that, for all but the most elite players, O-line development takes a few years. Looks like the guy had bad luck with an injury, and like Frederick was just so good that he would have been picked anyway (this is pure speculation). Problem is, I don't know where that impression on O-line development comes from, so I don't trust it. 

Still really curious what's up with Holmes. Bottom line, though, is that this doesn't matter, because of my Madden franchise: Holmes quickly became a Pro Bowl fixture, so Costa is relatively cheap insurance. Meanwhile, Vick Ballard's gonna pick up 28 rushing TDs cleaning up drives that Dwayne Allen was too slow and Coby Fleener too weak to finish. Get it tattooed on you: it's happening. 

1 month, 1 week ago on CA Charting Project: Reviewing Phil Costa