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I don't think we'll get a Doctor Who movie for a while. To be honest, at this point I see it like Star Trek; the show is successful now, but it will have burnt out in a decade or two and the show ends. A few years later, a movie studio (I think Warner Bros or Disney would work best for Who) starts developing a big-screen reboot of the show and it then finds a whole new audience and life in the cinema. Since it's all about time travel, you can even have a plot (maybe in the first movie) where the Doctor crashes into an alternate universe consisting of the events and Doctors we all know and love. Tons of potential.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on How could a New Doctor Who Movie Work?


I hope Moffat's episode is non-arc. So, we have six confirmed writers so far right?

Steven Moffat (E01, E04 and probably E012/13)

Phil Ford (E02)

Steven Thompson (E05)

Mark Gatiss

Gareth Roberts

Neil Cross

1 year, 1 month ago on Series 8: Episode 4 & 5 Writers Confirmed