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So, if you are a former Governor, former head of Goldman Sachs, and the head of MF Global where you've stolen your clients money... you don't get prosecuted for any wrong doing.  But, if you want to freely choose to transact with someone for a cup of lemonade or a glass of raw milk you are prosecuted by the federal government.  That's what its come to in this country.  The ruling class are untouchables.  Laws don't apply to them.  And this is what passes for "the land of the free".

2 years, 8 months ago on Mothers To Regulators: We Will Not Comply


 @Brian Barrett Brian, Prior to the U.S. Constitution states each had their own constitutions.  The BOR did not apply to the states.  Most states had their own version of a BOR (in Maryland its called the Declaration of Rights).  In fact, several states had their own declared religion.  The last was removed in the mid 1800s.  When the proposed amendments were consolidated by Madison and presented to the 1st Congress he took about 200 amendments and narrowed it down to about 20 amendments.  Of those 20, 12 were sent to the states for ratification.  What most people do not know is that some of the other 8 were restrictions on the state.  And those amendments started with "No State Shall".  Now, go read the 14th amendment.  Notice the language?  It says "No state shall" in several parts of the 14th amendment.  Also, the 14th amendment has been turned upside down via incorporation doctrine to apply selectively parts of the BOR on the states.  That was not the purpose or intent of the 14th amendment.  

2 years, 10 months ago on The Bill of Rights Applies to the Federal Government


Amen brother.  Washington is broke and broken.  To naively believe that those in power will suddenly restrain themselves to the Rule of Law it to believe a parasite will stop sucking life from its host.  The country needs to be rebuilt one county, one municipality, and one state at a time.  I will add that The Forgotten Men radio show -- along with the 10th amendment center and others -- are supporters and promoters of nullification, county sheriff interposition, jury nullification, and an Article V amendments convention. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Why I Have (Largely) Given Up on the Federal Government


Spot on brother.  Spot on.  Too many people either think the BOR applies to both the states and the federal govt, or the states only.  That misconception forms the basis for improper constitutional construction.  We have a lot of work to do to educate the masses that have been indoctrinated through public schools, dishonorable elected officials, ideologues, tyrants, and the main stream media.

3 years ago on The Bill of Rights Applies to the Federal Government


Great post Mike. 

3 years, 1 month ago on Strike the Root!


They always start out telling you "it doesn't apply to you or it can't be done".  Just look at the constitution.  it was the proponents for ratification that assured the state ratifying conventions that the powers in Article I Section VIII were "expressly" delegated.  It was those with concerns about construction that insisted on a bill of rights and specifically the 9th and 10th amendments.  Look what has happened.  Judicial review was suppose to be limited to laws affecting the judiciary, not for 9 people in black robes to be the final and sole arbiter of all things constitutional.  Congress regularly acts outside the powers delegated.  Moreover, Congress has delegated the powers delegated to them to administrative agencies in the executive branch allowing unelected bureaucrats to institute rules and regulations that have the same effect as statutory law.  Welcome to our constitutional banana republic.

3 years, 1 month ago on NDAA: It Doesn't Apply to You? Baloney