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Yeah, this is something I've thought about, too. For what it's worth, I emailed a guy whose economics blog I read and asked his thoughts on it, because I don't have much chops in the ways of economics. He said that it looks like there is a bubble, especially given that companies like Instagram, as Gini said, don't even have a revenue model and are getting bought out for $1 billion.


So, people who know more than I do say 'yes.' How and when it pops? That's tough to tell and he couldn't really predict it. We shall see.

2 years, 10 months ago on Are We Nearing a Tech Bubble Burst?


Very cool idea. One thing that I think the PR/marketing blog zeitgeist lacks (or, at least, what I haven't been able to really find) is a very high-quality curator. As someone that spend a lot of time reading about political/economic stuff as well, I'm thinking about a PR equivalent to the daily Counterparties posts on Felix Salmon's blog.


With the Counterparties roundup at the end of the day, nearly every linked article and post is worth reading. To me, that's quite rare. Hopefully, this'll be the same sorta deal. Keeping it to one piece a day should make that easier, too.

2 years, 11 months ago on Cutting Through Content Clutter with One Social Thing


Isn't so much a PR problem as one with their business model. The disparity between how much profit they count and how much profit they actually have comes from their rebate policy. Those rebates are growing as Groupon gets into areas where more people will requests rebates (plane tickets, more exclusionary programs, etc). They need to fix their profit projections.


Best explanation I found was here:

2 years, 11 months ago on The Communication Crisis Groupon Created for Itself


He also said that if she's going to continue to demand taxpayers dollars to have sex (..which she isn't doing), she should post videos of those acts online for everyone to watch.


Delightful man, isn't he?

3 years ago on Rush Limbaugh’s Non-Apology Creates Bigger PR Crisis