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These numbers are only meaningless if you don't take into account Google's long term plan. They are combining all their services into a single product. Imagine for a moment if you use Facebook email. Despite not using FB for social at the moment, when you write or send an email using you are part of the FB usage statistics, and rightfully so. The only difference is FB has this service already incorporated into a single product, its simply a feature. By extension then, in the long term, when Google combines all its services, regardless if you use the G+ element of Google, if you are using any of Google's services you are part of its usage statistics. To separate only the G+ usage would be like separating those users who use FB for games and those who use it to share photos. So while its trendy to compare only G+ usage to FB usage, the big picture really will be Google usage versus FB usage, which means Youtube, Blogger, Gmail, Android, etc. Google's announcements merely contain that vision already.

3 years, 1 month ago on Come On Google, Show Us Some Real Google+ User Numbers Already