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I cant stand Auburn and Pearl does not need me to defend him. Having said that, the guy lies about a picnic to the NCAA and now he is an outlaw? Check out the latest doings in State College, Miami, and Tallahassee and tell me how bad this guy is.  He is a choir boy compared to others.

11 months, 4 weeks ago on Slive Doesn’t Sound Too Terribly Thrilled To Have Pearl Back In The SEC


Maybe this is not a good comparison, but if Tressel and JoPa can get canned for off the field problems, certainly Ark can part with this guy. I worked in corp. America and no way someone would survice this.  I am not an attorney, but the future legal implications are endless. While you could put him on a short leash, certainly he has proven multiple times he has bad judgement. Lastly, I think if he stays, he is damaged goods. What mom is going to encourage her son to go there?  Also, rival schools will kill Ark with this.  "Son, who knows how long Petrino will be around-he is on thin ice with his boss, etc."  

3 years ago on Support Group Rallies To Back Petrino As A.D. Long Tries To Navigate Major Mess


Firing this guy is no big deal and it is going to happen.  Think of all the guys that took their teams to the Final Four and still got canned for something off the court-Dana Kirk, Jim Harrick, and many others.  Tressel, Woody, and JoPa got canned and they were certainly bigger than this guy. They have no choice-the legal ramifications are endless.  You can expect a sexual harassment suit here from her. Anyway, YOU may be having a bad week, but not as bad as this guy. 

3 years ago on "The Hire" And "The Lie" Could Bring Down Petrino


Dont think Darrin Horn is the AD guys.....

3 years ago on Rumor/Report: K-State's Martin Interested In Carolina Job


There is nobody VU could ever hire that would get more out of his players/administration than Stallings.  When there were rumblings a few years ago that he had to make the Dance of get fired, I couldnt believe it. In 20 years, they will be harkening back to the "Stallings years" and players like Shane Foster, Jenkins, etc. Look at what this guy has done the last decade compared to a Ga, MIss State, Ole Miss, S. Carolina, etc. So, he is not Cal and Vandy is not UK. So, who is nationally?  There will be a statue outside the gym when he retires.

3 years, 1 month ago on Stallings Gets Emotional After Vandy's Tourney Title


I am not in the slightest way a UK fan, but Cal nailed it on this one.  The NCAA cares about everything but the kids playing the games.  I hope he keeps giving them hell.  This is not Tark or Ron Polk talking.  Cal has the #1 job in college sports.

3 years, 1 month ago on Calipari: The NCAA Is "Not Going To Be Around Long"