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....probably as a cut shot during a rush into the neutral zone..

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In other former Penguins defenseman news, GoGo is off to a crappy start and was a healthy scratch for Dallas last night.

2 years, 2 months ago on FAREWELL: Ben Lovejoy


This may be the most poignant post I've ever read on the Pensblog. Well-spoken and not a dick joke or photoshop to be found (though a Don Cherry one would have been appropriate. He is King"Manliness/Good Canadian Kid"). Bravo for good conversation.

2 years, 9 months ago on Scott Parker is everything that is wrong with hockey... and society


Geno's dad in the Mellon Arena video. Man. Also... whatup girl in front of him at the 2 min mark?


3 years ago on Remember it | April 2012


Posted in the comments of Dater's column:  "HAHAHA... My Lord this is the most pathetic piece I've ever read. Did Dater write this on a napkin five minutes before it was due? This joke chides people, saying that, if Pittsburgh is so great, why did they leave? Guess anyone who has ever relocated for employment (including Dater) is an idiot. And cheering for your own team in another team's arena makes you foolish? What kind of fan are you to not cheer for your own team because you're in another team's arena? I have to admit to being amazed anyone could slog through Dater's hack journalism. One would think, coming from a *ahem* renowned school like Keene State College, actual journalistic ability would have been a requirement of a journalism degree. At the very least, Dater should not have used his mugshot from the Megan's Law website as his blog photo.   Oh... guess I should address the other commenters. Derp -unoriginal Crosby joke-bandwagoners- Herpaderp. That should do it on a level they'll understand."


3 years, 1 month ago on Denver columnist thinks wearing your team's jersey on the road makes you look "foolish" and "dorkish" | March 2012