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That is an excellent response, and exactly the answer I was looking for.  Thank you for being so precise and logical!


My next question is thus: how much of McCoy's poor passer rating had to do with his lack of capable receivers?  While the same can surely be posited about Rex Grossman and the Redskins, I would argue that Santana Moss and Jabar Gaffney, not to mention Fred Davis, are all superior to Greg Little -- probably the most productive receiver in Cleveland.  


And what is Cleveland's salary cap situation?  How able are they to draw more talent from free agency than the cash-laden Skins?  


I feel like the Skins are close enough to contender status that, despite the claims of many, adding a capable QB (RGIII) would be worth the steep price (afterall, many of our losses were painfully close).  I'm not sure I would say the same about the Browns.  We have an almost elite defense and a nearly-there offense, lacking mainly in big-play receivers and a QB -- both of which can be fixed this off season.  Buying a couple o-line set pieces (Nicks from NO?), and a receiver or two (Jackson/Colston/Bowe) solves some of the bigger problems we have with money (of which we have a lot).  With those holes filled, I feel like we can afford the draft-cost of a potential franchise QB.  Sure, there will be more work to do next year, but we would be leagues ahead of where we are today.


The Browns I don't feel are that close.  People talk about having a lot of holes to fix here in DC, but I would submit that Cleveland has even more.  McCoy may not be an all-star yet, but hes certainly not an over-the-hill veteren (McNabb, Grossman, Orton).  He could, as you point out, improve quite a bit.  It wouldn't be inconceivable to give him another season, only this time giving him more weapons.  I feel as though they don't have the luxury of "wealth" (money and draft-flexibility) that Washington has.  And such an expensive trade, while possible and even desirable, as you so eloquently point out, may not fit their best interests.  


Does that make sense?  What are your thoughts?

3 years, 1 month ago on Cleveland Browns outgun Washington Redskins in chase for Robert Griffin III | March


I get that the Browns have more to offer.  But what I don't get is why they would pay such a high price for a second young QB when they already have Colt McCoy.  Just because they can afford to buy the shiny new car doesn't necessarily mean that they will, or that they should.  Would it not be far wiser for Cleveland to use their excellent draft positions to give their young QB someone --anyone-- to throw to?  Or to replace the disappointing Peyton Hillis?


What I'm trying to say is, I hear this argument all over the 'Skinsiverse' that the Browns have more to offer.  But I think people fail to examine is whether the Browns have more to gain.

3 years, 1 month ago on Cleveland Browns outgun Washington Redskins in chase for Robert Griffin III | March