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looks great, but what determines the content of the sidebars? and how to edit it?

maybe I'm overlooking it, but can't find till now ..

2 years ago on Doppelgänger Bar




You can always keep a copy of the comments in your wp database. and take a backup of that to be sure not losing it.


I think every commenting platform taking themself a bit serious forsees the opportunity to sync existing comments with ur own wp db.


SO, a good other comment platform support the existing glue of your community :-) Everything less is not worth to use.


Succes all with ur projects :-)

2 years, 10 months ago on Disqus vs LiveFyre Review


Very great post!

3 years, 1 month ago on Disqus vs LiveFyre Review


don't understand how you can evolute like this. clear that a tweet-client is anything else then their core business, twitter platform. sad next step

3 years, 1 month ago on Is Twitter Trying to Kill Tweetdeck?