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Jags and Raiders comparison..... extreme cringing. 

How is Reggie feeling right now?  It's got to be a depressing start of the season for him. 

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Glad this chump wasn't first ballot.....ringz?  Can't figure it out.  Much anger.  

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Nice article, really enjoyed it.  

Just someone who can cover, no predictions, just a guy who can cover is all we want.  

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@Kyle Rodriguez @LeuenbergerGreg  Thanks for the response, Kyle.  Gives me some hope, I didn't realize he was that young.  

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@Kyle Rodriguez  Agreed.  He was underutilized because other players were on the field more than him.  It doesn't take a genius (though, in our case we may have one, Andrew Luck) to figure out that DHB wasn't catching the ball when you hit him in the chest with no defender in a 5 yard radius.  Andrew, not surprisingly, figured it out and we had some phenomenal from him and Hilton.  

Essentially, if there was a play ran where someone clearly worse was on the field, it was a possible missed opportunity (DHB, Havili being the most obvious examples).  

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Great article, as always, Kyle.  I like Whalen over Brazill for the same reason.  Where does that leave Rogers in your book?  It seems like there is too much upside there to consider letting him walk.  Can we keep 6?  Obvious comments about fullbacks will be left unsaid.  

Also, on the possession receiver front, watching Moncrief catch is a little scary, not enough use of his hands ala DHB (I think this was mentioned in a CA article).  I would have no idea how this could be studied, but is this correctable?  Have other receivers had similar issues and corrected them when they got to the NFL?  Impossible question to answer?  

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This is a great article.  Really excited about our receiving options this year.  

I have one minor request for a change:

"Fortunately for Indianapolis, T.Y. Hilton developed near the end of the season into not just a dynamic receiver, but a consistent threat." 

Should be:

T.Y. Hilton was finally allowed on the field in lieu of stone-hands DHB and Havili.

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A little concerning in general due to the price, but an upgrade was achieved, hopefully gives them some more flexibility in the draft (already limited *cough* TR *cough*).

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This is a great weekly update.   

1 year ago on ICYMI: Jim Irsay Arrested and Colts sign K Carson Wiggs


Great article, as usual.  What do we have left for the year?  Also, how does the 90% minimum spend requirement look as of now?  From my understanding, it's in (2) 4-year segments, the first ending in 2016.  Does that enable the Colts to stay off the cap quite a bit for now and then load up with big roster bonus or 1-year salaries in 2016?  I'm not sure where we landed last year, either.  Would this generally be looked upon negatively by players/agents, skewing the yearly base salaries?     

1 year ago on Breaking Down the Colts' Free Agent Contract Structures


Oh, please, oh, please, don't spend a ton of money on a center.  So many other important areas need help, primarily the defensive backfield.  

1 year ago on Goodbye, Samson Satele


He's number 1!  He's number 1!  (At getting TR2.9 creamed in the backfield)  

Silliness aside, didn't Grigson and company also say they they got everyone they set out to get last year?  With the money they were spending and the willingness to get who they wanted, wouldn't they have spent the money if they wanted someone more expensive?  Kind of baffling?

1 year ago on A Sticky Situation


@HarrySpeagle He hasn't, the writing is on the wall, though, with the high price of Landry and the similar playing styles of the two.

1 year ago on Colts Authority Fireside Chats: Free Agency Frenzy